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  • Premier Icon senor j

    I like the look of that.nice and flowy.
    Went to Mabie in August and enjoyed that, I think I’ll plan a little tour for next year.
    music was quite wrong though.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    the blue at Ae is completely pants.

    which may or may not be important to you, but if you’re planning a trip with a noobie/girlfriend/boyfriend don’t even consider it.

    it’s a total waste of time.


    It’s horses for courses isn’t it.

    Mabie – happy xc fun for red level riders
    Ae – for happy hardcore HTs and people who like fun. Yes there is some fireroad etc but they are slowly making improvements and throw in the shredder which can be ridden as an XC track then it’s great
    Drumlanrig – very excellent for rooty fun
    Kirroughtree – just excellent for fit and not so fit XC riders with some black challenges along the way – lots of flowing singletrack
    Dalbeattie – more of a chilled ride

    Mabie and Dalbeattie all have brilliant off-piste sections for locals, and Mabie also has the darkside and skills loops with big berms and jumps.

    Lots of fun at all the Stanes if that is your bag, if not then no probs either!

    I always enjoy the start of Ae too.


    Thanks for the detailed explanation simonralli. Most of the other muppets come on and just say it’s crap or it’s good. That isn’t really going to help me out is it. Someone that loves Downhill is going to hate Kirroughtree so if your going to say you hate it or it’s brilliant at least give a reason why so I can make my own mind up.

    Everyone has their own taste in trails nowhere is going to please everyone.

    I have done AE, Kiroughtree, Mabie, Glentress, Inners out of the Stanes and fortwilliam and Laggan wolftracks up north. liked them all in there own way and wouldn’t call any of them crap just that I would prefer one more than others and give a reason.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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