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  • Advise please- Vistalights.
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    if they're MR11 (and your vistas are same as mine) then they'll fit


    25W 6 volt – are you sure ?
    What's the beam angle – if it's over about 20 degrees might not be great
    25W isn't going to last long with your batteries (and I suppose they may not like driving something that hard ???)

    I've used 10 and 15W ones that were OK – even vista used to do 15W ones. Also the vista "HOT" bulbs are actually overvolted (theyr'e a 5volt bulb that's overvolted by the 6v battery) so are brighter than a true 5W 6v bulb

    these SHOULD work – bottom of page


    Anyone have any idea if i can upgrade my Vistalight bulbs for some that i saw in Lidl's (or Ikea, B&Q's, Homebase etc) for £2- they look the same. I want to swap one of my 5W spread beams for a 25W cheap bulb. Will they get too hot? Will they kill batteries?
    Anyone tried it- share the knowledge please!!!


    Thanks for the info! I was going to give it a go- i tried the 5w with the 15w, and im getting about an hour on the 15w (hour and half on the 5w). So yeah youre right- a 25w bulb would kill the battery, i might give it a go anyway as the bulb costs £2!
    Watch this space…..


    What about these, not going to sap the battery. Ok not sure about beam spread but as you say worth a go for the money.

    The ones in DIY stores will more than likely be 12v domestic lamps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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