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  • loum

    Don’t rule out Boardman bikes from Halfords. Great value.

    Apologies for another “recommend me….” thread, I’m sure there’s a fair few but I’m looking to use my work’s Cycle To Work scheme to get a new bike. Our scheme is only open in November to join (although apparently, you don’t get to actually buy until the 3rd week of Jan). I’m looking at a hardtail for trails/XC/Peaks Pootle type stuff and need to replace a 12 year old bike. Upper limit is probably going to be around £1000 but if I can get something good for less, obviously I’m all for that.

    It looks like my best local options to buy from are




    and obviously Halfords but would prefere independant if possible.

    The main reason I’ve asked in here is, I spent about half an hour in James’ the other day (no offers of help – cheers) looking and the amount of choice is a little bewildering. Any suggestions gratefully received.



    Boardman probably the best value for money

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Used to live in Walkley, Langsett were my LBS.

    Really didn’t rate them 🙁



    I’m no hardcore rider but I have a boardman Ht and it has served me well.

    Are you close to these guys?

    If you’re looking for a friendly LBS, you can’t go wrong with them.

    Premier Icon Pook

    bike tree are ace.

    Are you coming on Sundays pootle?


    Once you’ve bought the bike ensure that your garden / lounge / any other places you might use as a backdrop are well maintained / upholstered / tidy.

    Be sure that the logos on the tyres match up with those on the rims. Cut down any cable excess and make sure you don’t have gaudy / unfashionable colour outers.

    Make sure you post a link to ‘that’ road bike video and get a ‘what tyre?’ thread going as soon as possible.

    Oh and bring a sense of humour / thick skin. You probably won’t die if you do that 😉


    I would get a boardman myself, VFM is obvious, but the reviews of the overall bike & ride are also very good!


    There’s a Voodoo for about £600 I think which gets excellent reviews (£550ish) I think.

    Then Boardman HT Pro at the top of your scale which needs no introduction.

    Both from Halfords.


    what about on-one? only up the road in Rotherham.


    Make sure you do your sums too, C2W isn’t as good value as it used to be. If you have to wait that long have a look around for deals (possibly on 0% finance) and you might be able to get a better deal anyway.

    If you’re looking at the Boardman I’d almost bet if you bought it when they’re doing a deal, took out British Cycling membership (£28 IIRC) to get an additional 10% off, you’d probably end up with a cheaper bike than on C2W.

    And welcome to the forum.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    I have the entry boardman full sus, two of my mates just got the voodoo hoodoo @£450 and a lad i work with has the boardman comp HT. All are cracking bikes, but do not trust halfords to put it together properly for you. These bikes were bought from three different stores and all required a fair amount of fettling straight out of the store before they were safe to ride off road properly

    thanks for the advice all, some good points to mull over.

    Pook – Member
    bike tree are ace.

    Are you coming on Sundays pootle?

    Sorry Chris, I REALLY wanted to but I’m out on a birthday do on Saturday and don’t intend to be able to do anything on Sunday. Nothaving had a proper drink for about 6 weeks should help me see to that. 😉

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    A 1k bike on our cycle to work scheme costs £999.96 + £100+VAT “disposal fee” 😯
    so do your sums carefully

    +1 for Boardman and VooDoo.

    I’ve had one of each on a C2W schemes and they’ve both been excellent value for money and a cracking ride (I also ride peaks quite a bit )

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