Accepting that you'll never be 'gnar' and moving on – anyone?

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  • Accepting that you'll never be 'gnar' and moving on – anyone?
  • Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    mattjg Gears ruin flow.

    Not when they are working and used correctly they don’t!

    Back to the original post: “gnar” is a personal thing. One mans “gnar” is another mans bimble. The HD is not what I’d call my “gnar” bike (well I’d never call any of them that but that’s a different discussion). It’s my do it all bike (set in 140) but I probably ride my hardtail more and I have a proper big bike for chuckin’ myself down mountains that I don’t pedal to the top of.

    Keep it – its a great bike and far more fun/versatile than a rigid singlespeed – but don’t let that stop you from getting one of those too!


    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mojo HD, it was/is my dream build and I still think it’s the best looking bike ever (and a fantastic ride) but I just don’t use it to anywhere near even 50% of it’s potential; I’ve always harboured these dreams of soaring through the air like the chaps in videos, nailing drops with ease, railing berms at mega speed etc. etc. but the simple fact is that since owning the Mojo I haven’t improved at any of these things, I’ve loved riding it, but more as a XC/Trail bike that happens to handle very well when it gets steep…

    Greg Minaar raced at WC level on a 222, but my ‘skill level’ when riding mine is a fraction of his, so in that respect I don’t use it anywhere near its ‘potential’.

    Anyone else found themselves coming to the same realisation? Did you humbly accept the fact, or did you MTFU and book a skills course to progress to 30ft gap jumps in just 2 days?

    No skills course required, I just MTFU and went for it (ended up in hospital in the process a few times too) 😉

    Premier Icon mattjg

    @crazypete my gears work, as for whether they ruin flow, to be fair you responded to an subjective statement presented as fact with a subjective statement presented as fact, so we could both be wrong 😉

    if you’ve not tried riding ST without shifting, give it a whizz.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    to be fair you responded to an objective statement presented as fact with a subjective statement presented as fact

    I have no idea WTF you are on about?

    Premier Icon mattjg

    that’s fine


    I’m just getting more Gnar actually 😀


    I continue to live in denial, hence why I’ve just bought a Banshee Rune. In reality, I’d probably have been better off with its little brother but I rode the Rune and liked it so thought sod it. I like it and I’m not that fussed about what other people think if it or of me for riding it.

    If the Ibis is laid for, I’d hang on to it. It’s a lovely bike and you’ll end up taking a massive hit on it.

    Mrs Toast

    A: Walk when it gets to tough.


    B: Become a better rider.

    I should really have more of a go at B.

    But as I’m more into easy trails, views, sunsets and good company it’s difficult to get motivated to consciously try to become ‘better’.

    The couple of skills courses I’ve attended were great and really improved my riding, but if I have to get off and push, it’s not really much hardship and doesn’t annoy me.

    I’ve been for some lovely walks with my bike

    ^ This. Although I’d still want an Ibis Mojo, because it’s so very, very pretty.


    I realised that the bike I had was perfect for 10% of my riding and compromised for 90%.

    So now I’m building up a rigid 29er SS which will be compromised for 100% of my riding 😀

    Premier Icon oldfart

    At 53 I bought a Spicy and did a season in Whistler ! That’s after being diagnosed with Osteoporosis , 2 crushed vertebrae in my spine and being told never to MTB again ! No doubt the way I rode in Whistler was hardly on the Gnarr scale at all but I survived to the point that with hindsight I wondered if I should have tried harder ! Still keep thinking should I flog the Spicy , took it to Crested Butte last year and off to Utah and Arizona with it this year ! No doubt still riding like a girl ! 🙄

    Premier Icon roverpig

    No doubt still riding like a girl !

    So is she 🙂


    Ditch the Trek and Mojo and buy a decent full sus 😆

    It’s not about me; It’s only about the ride. I changed a bike because it wasn’t right for my riding at the time or when i got bored with it, But there’s no sense of either striving or resignation, just gentle and natural progression of style and approach. Hence there is no guilt. Do what you want .

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