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  • Premier Icon rockhopperbike

    yes- been a couple of times, hope you like the surf scene!


    You will need:

    Cheshire postcode
    Range Rover (Vogue or Evoke)
    North Face clothing (particularly body warmers)
    Oakley sunglasses
    Obnoxious children


    Other than that, I really like Abersoch!

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    You’re only allowed in if you own a Porsche, Range Rover or Audi … or a boat!

    Apart from that it’s a nice place, but gets very busy.


    what they said.
    Bit posh, quite expensive with nothing really to do beyond sea and scenery.
    there are cheaper places which also offer sea and scenery and not a lot to do in that area


    gf and I preferred Barmouth (*more downmarket), we stayed in Barmouth and only visited Abersoch for a day – the peninsula does have a nice mellow friendly feel, Abersoch felt slightly wrong (shops etc in relationship to actual area needs), we preferred the Barmouth, fab estuary, train options, bike routes, walks and better views and more choice nearby (in our opinions)

    If it’s just about finding a nice beach in that area then I thought Nefyn beach to the west was nicer and has a pub right on the beach too.

    If it’s about the boaty, surfy style of the place, then Cornwall and Devon have many better options.

    If it’s about mixing in a bit of snowdonia as well as the beach then you could do with being a bit closer to the national park, it’s a bit out on a limb.

    It’s nice but I wouldn’t want to spend a week there.


    The llyn is a superb place for family holidays..


    Bramhall by the Sea.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Any good for a family holiday?

    Premier Icon langylad

    If you go out of the school hols it is a wonderful place, fabulous beach looking over to Snowdonia. If you go in the hols it will be jam packed with WAFIDS as my merchant navy captain uncle calls them (wind assisted **** idiots). There are many pretty coves and beaches within a half hour drive so you can go to a different beach every day. If you don’t mind a 40 minute drive you can go to Coed Y Brenin or have a pootle up Snowdon. The weather there tends to be pretty good too.

    Where you thinking of staying?


    I spent every holiday there as a kid. Our family had a caravan on the Warren for fourty years till they kicked us off for being too poor.
    Amazing place, now full of ****.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    It’s an absolutely stunning place, full of the kind of people I go on holiday to avoid.

    The road riding on the Llyn is amazing though.
    Nefyn, Aberdaron & Criccieth are nice.

    Infact, the whole of the Llyn, apart from a couple of little bits in the middle is stunningly beautiful.
    Bit out of the way though.

    Tom B

    What the above says-I teach at a well to do comp in Cheshire…..a lot of it migrates to Abersoch come holiday time along with expensive cars et al


    I used to have a colleague who was incredibly materialistic. He once told me: “I won’t be satisfied until I have a Beemer on my drive.” The boss told him he had to have a poxy A4 like the rest of us so he walked. He desperately wanted a chalet in Vulgarsoch so he bought one at the end of its allowed life and then had to pay £95,000 for a new one to be brought along in two bits and bolted together- expensive but at least he got his dream plot. And yes, he had a big ostentatious RIB with candy-striped seats and his wife was quite silly.


    Mate takes his (1)T5, (2)Surfboards, and sometimes (3)kids and (4)wife there for fun times. Priotities! (2) would go before (1) I suspect, but you need (1) to get (2) to Abersoch.

    Nice place. Went a couple of years back on a stag do – not sure I’ll ever be let back… 😳


    We stayed at morfa nefyn and only actually visited Abersoch once. There is so much to see in the area and the beaches are so fantastic that we were not bored on a two week holiday with two toddlers 2 years ago.

    I was able to do Snowdon and Coed-y-Brenin early in the morning before breakfast…

    We are going to Anglesey in a couple of weeks and I expect we will make 2 or 3 trips to the Llyn.

    As stated above there is a seeming micro climate, where the bad weather happens over the mainland and the peninsular is bathed in sunshine (windy and cold perhaps, but often sunny!)


    not much to add other than I do know that you ain’t proper Cheshire unless you have a place there…. 🙂 ideally with a boat as well….


    I used to live there 😯


    Our family had a caravan on the Warren for fourty years till they kicked us off for being too poor.

    I suspect you weren’t too poor. leasehold on the Warren runs into hundreds of thousands for 20 years I understand!

    As someone above said it is actually too far away from the hills for my liking, you can look at them but its almost an hour in the car to get to good hills for running or biking. If there are any good MTB routes I dont know them.

    As above they do have something of a micro climate, beaches lovely and lots of them. Although it is very plummy the beaches on a hot day do have quite a nice vibe.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    I’ve been going there for 53 years (and I’ve never lived in Cheshire). It’s been through some changes in that time. When I first went the fishing boats still went out to fish every morning, and it was a fairly typical family resort. The Warren was there, but apart from a couple of chalets on the dunes it was full of caravans. In the late 60s everyone deserted it for the Costa Del Sol, and it fell on hard times, left to the old yachting crowd, which lasted through to the 90s. Then it started to become what it is today, which is pretty much what people have said. It is still a beautiful place, and out of season one of my favourite places on earth (I spent last Christmas there with my family – just fantastic). In high season it is too crowded, mostly with people that I wouldn’t choose to spend time with. But it isn’t hard to find quiet places not far away. There isn’t any decent mountain biking, but there are some great road routes – which are pretty quiet even in the summer.


    Go, if only for Hell’s Mouth beach, which is amazing.

    There’s a burger van usually next to the car park. Über-tasty burgers and bara brith. Mmmm.

    I’d avoid the café Zinc, though, unless you’re happy to kill an hour with the A-set before your breakfast arrives. 😯

    All comments ^^^^ about beemers etc are totally on mark. DO NOT TAKE BAD/CHEAP/NON SURF OR REGATTA clothing to Abersoch. Because people will laugh and you will feel small and insignificant.

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