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  • IanW

    2001 A4 1.9 tdi looks like the turbos gone, (whistling, grey/blue smoke) whats a reasonable price for the repair?


    Get it VAGCOM’d first, chances are it may well just be a boost leak. Check the rubber joining hose that goes from the plastic pipe at the back of the engine bay to the inlet manifold – heat from the engine degrades the rubber. How is it power-wise? Does it run ok when first started then go into limp-home mode (no power) if you rev it over 3K?


    Starts ok but blue/grey smoke from exhaust and no boost and more smoke when driving, not sure how it developed it the wifes car.

    Just had a look under bonnet and can just about see the turbo which is covered in oil and engine oil is below dipstick level.

    Thanks again.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    If it’s leaking oil from the turbo to the engine be very careful since there is a danger of the engine running away – which never ends well. I’d get it sorted ASAP and drive it a absolute minimum.


    My brother in law paid circa £1500 all in to have his replaced by an independent garage (not an audi specialist)) based NW England. His was the 130bhp variant of the 1.9TDI but not sure if that is relevant.


    sounds like the turbo has blown,as in the bearing/seals,prob took the impeller out as well,if it’s mahoosive amounts of smoke,otherwise it may be rebuildable,if just the seals. a recon turbo will be around £400- up,up,up…
    labour wise, reasonable mechanic would do it in a day easily,so £150-£200 ish ?

    tbh,the car is probably a write off if high miles,not worth fixing.

    of course,you could take a punt on a second hand turbo,and get the bloke round the corner to ‘chuck it on’….


    May just be a pipe, have a scoot about on here :-

    Audi Forums


    Not Good..
    Turbo is fubar, priced £600 on the cheap £1200 done properly. New car time, anyone want a 2001 a4 estate nice in everyway except the above.


    As Tony says, be careful! The oil leaking into the turbo can vapourise, then the engine can ‘run away’ i.e it runs on oil vapour so when you turn the ignition off, it carries on running flat out, until it blows itself to smithereens. Except you won’t see it, due to all the smoke!

    Search for ‘runaway diesel’ on youtube 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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