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  • A question about dog breeds
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    A14w/o puppy would be in its crate whilst I was out of my house. He would still have destroyed those items when I was there though!

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    Yeah she managed to get out of the crate and the extension we built. Crate is a learning curve for her, she’ll go in when super tired or grumpy but she wont sleep in it, prefers the sofa.

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    When I get a dog i’m going to call it “Deefur”.

    Deefur dog. 😀

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    Doodles are pretty cool IMHO but my Labrador is fantastic too.

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    Why have one when you can have 2. Or why not 3. Or even a pack like ours 🙂

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    ^^ Is that not two dog by a mirror?

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    Scrap that. Don’t get a dog. One of mine just farted next to me. I think I am going to be sick 🙁

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    ^^ Is that not two dog by a mirror?

    🙂 Mum and dad (Merle) on the right, son & daughter (merle) from same litter on the left.

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    Ive got a labradinger too….he’s nearly 8 and very awesome, although a complete wimp. Someone said their’s would be happy sitting by the fire all day, but mine has never been happy doing that unless he’s been out for a monster walk/run.

    Also a lot of the feedback from people has been when the dog is settled in, whereas when they are a puppy, they can’t be left much at all….it takes time to leave a dog for hours and it has to be done bit by bit.

    My Dad used to come and dog sit when we had to work, but now he’s 8 he gets a half hour walk and will happily sleep until lunchtime. So you need to get it right in the first six months and it will all fall into place.

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    Free vets advice (from my partner) if you would like to give the best chance of reducing your vet bills and having a healthy dog, get a cross. Not a cross of weird little dogs with loads of health problems but a cross of healthy dogs will generally be fitter and longerer lived than a pedegree.
    I have past a good hour looking at a list of inhereted illnesses in pedegree dogs, it was shocking how long some of the lists where. Obviously that’s not to say you can’t have a healthy pedegree and an unhealthy cross but you do lower the odds. And when we are talking crosses, I mean a mongrel not a fancy new breed cross that are all the range these days, they have just the same problems.

    Saying all this, those who do have pedegree or new crosses, I don’t mean to offend, all dogs are ace!

    And morally a rescue dog should always be the first point if call, a good rescue centre will be able to find you one that will be OK with kids…sadly I know its a lot harder and some will turn you away due to having children which is poor, some dogs yes but not all rescue dogs.
    Hope that’s of some use.

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    All breads have good and bad points.

    We have a Border Collie, a Border Terrier and a Black Labrador.

    The Collie is my dog, she is very loyal, was very easy to train, very healthy, loves running, running along by a bike and being busy. They are quite mad though, they dont really have an off switch until they are quite old and chew a lot until 1 year old.

    The Labrador is my daughter’s dog, she is happy to chill out, but still likes going on lots of walks, she was easy to train and has a very good nature. Labs can have a few health problems though, it is sore ears just now, they really want to eat anything as well.

    The Border Terrier is my Sons dog, he is great fun, very affectionate and gets on very well with the other two dogs. He is a typical terrier, wants to do his own thing, not so easy to train and can’t be trusted near my Mother in Laws hens!

    As for names, we have always picked human names, they are all part of the family, so it seems better that way.

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    I know a few have said it, but rescues are a good option. Here’s a snapshot of the pups we fostered for the Blue Cross in 2013.
    We’ve had a few this year but haven’t added them to the rogues gallery yet!

    All bar one have gone on to be healthy well adjusted pets. One unfortunately went to the wrong home and was mistreated and as a result had to be euthanised.

    Depending where you are in the country I may be able to help, certainly in finding any rescue pups that are in the system but may not be ready to home just yet. Email is in profile.

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    Thanks again everyone. We’re in the West Mids, and are off to a rescue place on Saturday to have a chat.

    Love the look of the labradoodle, my mate has one and he’s a great dog.

    Totally accept the point about being around for them during the first year, we will make sure this is the case.

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    Huxley, so called because it was a brave new world for him. Named by my literary daughter, thankfully he answers to Hux on a walk.
    He likes the pub
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/yr5Uzg]Walberswick[/url] by Mike Hams, on Flickr
    And a bit of a cuddle
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/yo44K7]A Bit of a Cuddle[/url] by Mike Hams, on Flickr

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    I have nothing useful to add.

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/xtwoAV]Courtesy of Mrs t.[/url] by Evil Goat, on Flickr

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/ymwymi]Courtesy of uncle k.[/url] by Evil Goat, on Flickr

    and tonight:

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/yo5hJS]Chilled[/url] by Evil Goat, on Flickr

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    Our is called Fin, she is recovering at the moment from a rear rotor interface and 11 stiches.

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    Sounds like a good situation for a dog. I’d urge you to go and visit rescue centre before breeders. Puppies are over rated in my opinion. They look adorable but are so much work. I feel quite guilty that I got my dog from a breeder and I much prefer her now she’s older. Next dog will definitely be a rescue and I’m volunteering at the local dogs home as penance for buying a dog when there are so many who need someone decent to look after them.

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