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  • A genuine super injunction inquiry…
  • Junkyard

    but who let it out the bag?
    This argument that it is out there so lets talk/publish it is EXACTLY what News International argued in court and lets be honest who knew anything about it before the media started reporting about this?
    Whether I support them or not it is an example of the media [IMHO] disregarding the law for a the less than noble ideal of selling you sex story for money. This is not a right I feel particularly fired up about supporting nor do I feel protected from intrusion or better able to go about my [ private ] business as a citizen as a result of this.


    Who let it out of the bag? i found out about a month-6 weeks ago from someone. It was widely known in the media, they were just not meant to say anything.

    My gut feeling is someone in the media knowingly leaked details, it could have been this case or a different case but this was going to happen eventually as the law is being shown to be farcical.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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