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  • a-c of a 29er fork please
  • rp16v

    im after some rigid forks to replace my 130mm recons on my sanderson been riding with them locked out for the last 7-8 rides and it tracks/rides so much better i can only find 26″ spec forks up to 120mm
    idealy carbon but any help is better than nothing

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    Mine are 470mm if that helps


    and both are mine are (niner forks)

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    470mm on the On-One carbon fork


    I’ve bought 2 pairs for Scandal 29er and experimenting with 69er Genesis Altitude:

    eXotic Carbon Rigid CC-F0365 29er fork – same as White Brothers – 465mm

    Salsa CroMoto 29 Inch Forks – 468mm

    Both are supposedly suspension corrected for 120 travel, after sag has been taken into account.

    Here, a list of a few susp. fork a-c – maybe it helps..

    All models +/- 5mm

    F80: 450.9mm
    F90: 460.9mm
    F100: 470.9mm
    F120: 490.9mm
    Float, Talas, Van 130: 500.9mm
    Float, Talas, Van 140: 510.9mm (08 Talas: 515mm)
    Talas 150: 520.9mm
    Float, Talas, Van 160: 545.3mm
    Fox 40 180: 545.8mm
    Fox 40 203: 571.2mm


    All models +/- 5mm

    99-08 SID 63: 434mm
    99-08 SID 80: 451mm
    Argyle 80: 471mm
    Argyle 100: 491mm
    SID 80: 453mm
    SID 90: 463
    SID 100: 473
    Dart 80:454mm
    Dart 100: 471mm
    Dart 120: 501mm
    Tora XC/SL/RACE 80: 450mm
    Tora XC/SL/RACE 100: 470mm
    Tora AM 80: 459mm
    Tora AM 100: 479mm
    Tora AM 120: 499mm
    Tora AM 130: 509mm
    Recon XC/SL/RACE 80: 451mm
    Recon XC/SL/RACE 100: 471mm
    Recon AM 80: 459mm
    Recon AM 100: 479mm
    Recon AM 120: 499mm
    Recon AM 130: 509mm
    05-08 Reba 85: 458mm
    05-08 Reba 100: 473mm
    05-08 Reba 115: 488mm
    Reba 80: 453mm
    Reba 100: 473mm
    Reba 120: 493mm
    06-08 Revelation 100: 478mm
    06-08 Revelation 115: 493mm
    06-08 Revelation 130: 508m
    Revelation 140: 521mm
    Revelation 140 w/Maxle Lite: 518mm
    Pike 95: 473mm
    Pike 140: 518mm
    Boxxer Ride 130: 494mm
    Boxxer & Ride 174: 544mm
    Boxxer 200: 568mm
    Domain 115: 500mm
    Domain 160: 545mm
    Domain 180: 565mm
    Lyrik 115: 500mm
    Lyrik 160: 545mm
    Totem 135: 530mm
    Totem 180: 565mm

    oops…that’s a long post!


    forgot to say, I have a Rockshox Reba sl 29er fork which has 80mm travel, and a-c is 490, same as 120mm 26er forks.

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    The exotic website has full a-c details for all their forks. I used a set of their 29er forks on my Soul to keep a 130mm-ish feel to the bike, very nice. It’s really obvious but do bear in mind that full a-c length on suspension forks is pretty meaningless, it’s the sagged number that’s relevant.


    thats true but is not the sag length calculated at 20-25% of full length:

    I also have an old frame with 100 susp. fork – and it was good to know actual length of that fork to know, after sag, roughly what rigid fork length I needed to keep geometry intact.


    i run bairly any sag due to the way i ride as need a stiff front end that would give under hard landings (hold the funny comments lol) but after riding locked out i realased i dont need the give and land smoother than i thought(prob as used to racing bmx)


    rp16v – from that list I found and posted earlier, the Recon AM 130 has a-c 509mm- to keep the geometry intact will you not need a similar length fork?


    correct but i as mine is a older fork and think it may be slightley shorter a-c and all 26″ forks are way short so testing the 29er water.

    might well plump for the 29er exotics as sugested.

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    currymad – Member

    “thats true but is not the sag length calculated at 20-25% of full length:”

    Well, of the travel rather than the full length (and depends how much sag you use, as rp16v points out)


    yes, well clarified, I meant full length of travel.

    That’s what I meant though with no sag, he will need a similar length to his existing forks a-c…I think!

    As you said Northwind: It’s really obvious but do bear in mind that full a-c length on suspension forks is pretty meaningless, it’s the sagged number that’s relevant.

    In his case the sagged (or not) length is the same as full a-c.


    iv managed to get some 29er forks of a diamond back mojito to try so will bolt them on and take som epicks when i get a chance.

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