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  • A baby that doesn't like other babies – anyone had/got one?
  • eyerideit

    Baby Eye is just over 9 months old and seems to have developed a dislike for his peers.

    Every time he’s in contact with other babies/toddlers and they make a noise (playing/excitment etc) he gets very upset and bursts out crying. This includes his NCT pals, his cousin and babies at playgroups. It’s the noise more that anything as he’s fine round older kids, adults and even barking dogs.

    Hopefully he’ll grow out of it as we’re hoping it’s just a phase.


    my son used to go to parties and just talk to the adults as kids bored him!!

    He has grown out of it aged 8 but for a long time he has no real friends and did not really care.

    might just not like loud noise?


    They are clever little buggers…

    Is the crying more because he knows once he starts crying he will get devoted attention from mummy or daddy?


    Yeah we think it noise but just baby/toddler related noise.

    He’s fine with loud ambient noises and even our friends mental collie constantly barking right next to him.


    They all don’t like other babies, that is normal, its about possesivness and control. Even at 6 my eldest still has sharing issues.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Ours is 9 months and just the opposite, captivated/just stares at other children but, can’t stand other adults near him/mum.

    Think he knows they want a hug and that means time away from mum.

    Think yours is broken, can you send it back?


    can you send it back?

    I considered this, but we had already thrown away the packaging.


    it’s still a month til Christmas
    plenty of time to get him fattened up for the pot


    My son has a real problem with old people, scary wrinkly faces? Of course lots of them just want to give him a cuddle but he just screams at them he he.


    Our 3 yr old loves babies and is really engaging with them (in a soft but smiley playful way). He even helps out on ‘showarounds’ at nursery when parents bring their prospective little imps for a nosey 🙂


    Hopefully – he’ll grow out of it. As it’s just in the last month or so that it’s affecting him.

    He’ll charm the socks of adults but doesn’t like other babies with their dribbling, grabby little hands and all that squawking.

    Saying that he’s as noisy as the best of them when he’s on his own/in the company of big people.

    must be scared of the competition.



    I don’t like babys, so he sounds eminently sensible to me.

    Fine around older people and dogs you say?

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