£80 tablet PC cheap and cheerfull or cheap and nasty?

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  • £80 tablet PC cheap and cheerfull or cheap and nasty?
  • Saw a very cheap tablet PC on Ebuyer and was thinking about taking a punt just for web brousing taking on holiday using on the plane etc…
    Anyone got any experience on these?


    I’ve got one of those, finding it pretty good considering the price.

    I had some trouble with the browsers being a bit laggy, but have found that Firefox seems much smoother (both for loading and scrolling).

    Occasionally I have problems getting Wifi to turn back on, but a quick restart sorts it out.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    I dunno about that model specifically, but i have tried cheap tablets, and being used to a decent phone (android) and ipod touch, got very frustrated with the laggy response.

    My two year old HTC Desire seems more ‘slick’ to use than the Sumvision, but if you want a tablet but don’t want to pay Ipad prices, its not bad at all.


    actually this model supercedes the original model which had half as much memory, and this is supposed to be leagues better. I would highly advise getting one as they’re very functional.

    I would purchase one but can’t find a need for a tablet in my life at the moment.


    Just got a blackberry PlayBook 64gb and I would recommend it over the rest of the contenders, very happy.

    Same device as the scroll excel I am using now. With ICS it is certainly worth it for £80. There are better devices for a little more money, but it is not bad.

    Thanks for the info, i read it was the same as a few other models. Also read that it would run Andriod ICS so thought that wold be fairly good to use. Any horror stories?


    Have a look at the Archos series. The 10.1 is particularly good value and the media playback is excellent. I dont own one but do have an older Archos media player. recently discounted near to the £100 mark


    I have a couple of these one is the sixty pound returns

    natpc tablet

    They are great

    Some of the Sumvision reviews are out of date, it comes with ICS 4 included, also BBC iPlayer and Google Play market work out of the box.

    The main appeal for me over the playbook is I have a few paid for apps on my Android phone, and you can install them on both devices.

    That Natpc tablet looks as though its the same as the Scroll Excel/Momo9/Sumvision tablet, the only real differences I can see is its 1.6 over 1.2Ghz, and the three main buttons look to be touch buttons rather than the clicky buttons.

    Thanks guys,
    jp-t853 what was the sixty pound return version like? COndition wise was it ok does it come all boxed up etc? For £60 that is looking like what i need for chucking in my bag for work trips etc? Do they boot up pretty quick (they always ask to swith on at airport security).

    Mine takes maybe a minute to boot up, but then I never turn it off. It lasts for days when its asleep. To wake it up is pretty much instant. The sumvision came in a swanky box with a couple of cables, but the best bit was it came in a inflated blister pack thing like a pillow case, so I have been using that as its case for several weeks.


    £80 for an AD4.0 with those spec’s is defo worth a punt!

    What you’ll find is the hardware should be upto it, but the software often needs a bit of tweaking to get it to run right, check out XDA developers to see what people are doing with them.


    The natpc was as new. Fully boxed just like the new one. They boot up well but I have never been asked to at the airport.


    @spooky, some of the retailers ‘add’ the GPU clock speed to the CPU clock speed to show a combined 1.6Ghz (GPU is running at 400Mhz)

    My brother has the Ployer Momo9 and is really impressed. I’ll be ordering 2 when my topcashback money arrives to replace the in-car DVD players.

    These headrest mounts are compatible (checked)

    natpc one here great for surfing, ebay etc

    OK ordered a tablet today, stretched the budget a wee bit as i thought a 7″ screen was a bit small.
    Have ordered a Onda Vi40 elite same as this


    Will report back if anyone is interested.

    any update on the tablet northcountryboy?

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