700 x 28 Commuter Tyres for Central London… What do you use?

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  • 700 x 28 Commuter Tyres for Central London… What do you use?
  • I run the same tyres as you for 100+ miles a week london commute.


    I’ve started using Schwalbe Stelvios, seem to be alright.


    Running Conti Ultra Gatorskins (700×23) on Mavic Open Pros

    I run these on my Landaan commuter and just had a Mavic Open Pro built to replace my latest taxi incident banjo’d rear wheel…

    Cheers for replies so far.

    I’ve had the contis on there for a couple of years, and have swapped the front and rear – now the front is showing signs of sidewall splitting etc…

    May just get the same tyres, but jump up from my 23s to the 28s, for that lil extra pothole protection.

    They’re on a geared Tinbred that’ll be running panniers so figure every extra mm of width will count : )

    Running Conti Ultra Gatorskins (700×23) on Mavic Open Pros…

    About to expand my commute to central London and looking for 700 x 28 tyres…

    Any advice?

    Ta – Rick

    Premier Icon akira

    700 x 23 Spesh All Condition Armadillos Elites on Halo Track wheels.
    100 miles a week and no punctures since I bought em.

    Gator skin 28mm are good
    Schwalbe marathon (any variation) are awesome, must have several thousand mile son mine and not a single puncture. Fell in love with them on the 800 miles to SSWC07. They reckon they are good for one trip round the world.

    Premier Icon BigEaredBiker

    Panracer Ribmos here, no problems todate.


    Weigh-up (literally) between:

    Conti Ultra Gatorskin Pros 280g
    Schwalbe Marathon 520g
    Marathon Plus 740g


    I’d recommend a Spesh Armadillo tyre, for daily commuting in That London. There’s different widths, from 23c to fatter ones. I can’t speak for the other tyres people have suggested, but I have found Spesh’s Nimbus (think there’s a 28c version) to be extremely puncture resistant, and extremely hard wearing. Indeed, my pikey bikey has a set on that I’ve had for many years, and they’re still going strong, with only one or two punctures ever.

    Correction: They’re actually the cheaper Flak Jacket versions; the Armadillos are even tougher!

    As for weight; do you want to shave seconds off your PB, or do you want to get to work, when it’s pissing with rain, without having had a puncture?


    2nd the spesh armadillo tyre. I rode hundreds of miles on my road bike and never got a puncture on it in over a year.

    Started commuting into London and was averaging 3 flats a week until I fitted the armadillo and haven’t had any now in two months (touches wood).

    Only needed one on the back too, stuck with the orignal tyre up front

    700 x 23c


    I had 28c Spesh Armadillos on my old commuter and they were extremely tough tyres but I never liked the harsh ride they gave and didn’t have much confidence on them in the wet where they always felt like they were about to slide-out


    I’ve commuted on nothing but Gatorskins in London for the past 6 years and only had 2 punctures. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Just buy them in a 28 size and be done with it.

    Premier Icon jim

    Schwalbe Marathons (the regular non-plus version) seem to cope admirably with my heavily glass-strewn commute. The reflective sidewalls also seem like a genuinely good idea.


    i got conti gatorskins (28c) from halfords for a fiver a pop about a year ago.

    only changed to the schwalbe stelvios (23c) for the summer months because they were selling them for £1.

    gatorskins picked up one puncture following the hawthorn hedge cutting on my commute.
    stelvios have had one blowout from a huge pothole.


    What ever you use make sure they are puncture resistant as the roads are littered with glass…

    My self I have been using Bontrager race lite hard case 700 x 25.. not one puncture unlike my previous set which were nearly ever other day…

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    After a string of flats in Edinburgh (standard Spesh Borough tyres – the Armadillo ones are apparently much better) I’ve gone for some Conti Top Tourings in 28mm width, which are allegedly as near to punctureproof as a pneumatic tyre can get.

    They are heavy (500g or something) but seem to roll fast once up to speed and as I have a couple of offroadlite sections didn’t want a pure slick like the Gatorskin.

    So far so good, but they only went on last night so any other conclusion would be terribly disapppointing!


    Schwalbe Stelvio 28’s for the faster bike, Marathon Supremes 35 for truly nasty stuff – more of a touring tyre though.

    Cheers for the pointers folks.

    Got a good price on 700 x 28 Schwalbe Marathons, so went for those in the end…

    Halfway house, weight wise, and reflective sidewall – so that’ll do nicely : )

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