6ft tall…. what size frame (roughly)?

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  • 6ft tall…. what size frame (roughly)?
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    Length probably more important than frame size and it depends on the manufacturer.
    As six footer myself I’ve got an 18″ Giant Anthem X (23.4″ inch top-tube with 100mm stem) and a Large (19.5″) Santa Cruz Heckler (23.5 inch top-tube with 70mm stem).


    took a mate out into the great outdoors on the bikes. he is so taken he is now talking about getting something second hand for a few hundred €’s.

    he was riding my small Sanderson which was a little cramped but ok for a few hours. ideally he’d have something that fits a little better.

    so, just as a guide line what size frame should i look out for for someone who is 6ft?




    id agree with that, im 6,2 and a bit and 18″ are too short for me so Large and 20″ for me

    6 ft 2 here and riding 18 inch frames. Then again I place an emphasis on chuck-ability and have an on-one and a kona – both brands known for having relatively long top tubes.


    Depends on the frame.

    I have a long top tubebut it’s a 19.5″ and I’m 6ft 1.

    Get fit, flexible and lack of a gut and a 20″ is fine 🙂

    I sat on a 20″ on one and the post was set high but it felt good.

    I guess a longer stem with an 18 would work.

    Get a bike fit from a shop? £20-30? or a test ride.

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    6’2″ and run Large or 19″. I find 20″ is a bit big and 18 usually too small.

    A 6′ I would be looking at 18″ frames. Ideal.

    6ft 19″ fits fine

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