5'7 and 14 stone, can I be a good cyclist?

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  • 5'7 and 14 stone, can I be a good cyclist?
  • ashfanman

    As has already been said, it depends what you’re riding for.

    If you’re racing and find yourself getting dropped on climbs, you’ll probably need to lose some weight. This will probably mean scaling back on the weights and changing your diet, so I guess it depends on which you want to prioritise – weights or cycling. But it is pretty easy to lose weight with regular training on the road. I started road riding this summer and lost lots of weight at the start. I do 100-140 miles per week and went from 13st 10 to 12st 4 in a little over a month – and I’m 6’5, so I was already pretty skinny!

    But if you’re just riding for fun, and you’re currently having fun on your rides, carry on! 🙂

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    Taller but similar h/w ratio I would guess. my bulk is a combination of solidity gained while dingy racing, rugby yand pushing big gears when younger and excess cake retention.

    Dropping some weight bit by bit. More riding, laying off the junk food (mostly), portion sizes down but only a little.

    You can be a good cyclist and our kind of proportions BUT you may not be fast on anything upward our requiring hardcore pedalling compared to (the important bit) someone of similar skill on similar kit.

    on certain types of climb i can out climb some people who are fitter and lighter. Usually something that either drags at a middling gradient OR where short bursts of high torque are needed in the middle of of a more mixed ascent. These same people will hand me my backside on a plate on other climbs, especially a steep mid length one with a draggy surface.

    At the end I ride for pleasure and transport not personal bests but enjoying the gradual weight drop, which isn’t so far affecting my other strengths.


    Get out and enjoy it, climbing is dull anyway! I’m 6ft, weigh about 75kg with kit and I still suck at riding up hills. Primarily cos I don’t ride enough XC stuff, to improve, but I plod along at my own pace and beast the descents. If you’re enjoying riding then don’t worry about it 🙂


    Cheers STW, I’m feeling better now. Had a bad day yesterday riding with two strong riders who dropped me on every climb. But I did pull away from them both on the flat, and out braked them downhill.

    I do t race or anything, but enjoy sportives and we all compete on bloody strava!

    I enjoy lifting weights, I do compound and Olympic exercises. It’s not purely for aesthetics, I used to play rugby.

    I am going to think about training as I guess if I stopped weights I might end up just as heavy but not as powerful! I have had my peak power measured at about 1700 watts.

    I just need to keep riding and smiling, can’t change my genetics, maybe I’m built for the velodrome?


    Depends how your measuring “good”.

    Loosing weight will make you a faster climber or make the climbs easier at the same speed.

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