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  • 45 mins on the road bike?
  • Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Anything’s better than nowt

    I read an article recently that suggested that the new thinking is that doing interval training/riding hard actually improves your aerobic capacity, too. The old thinking was that this is only for anaerobic training but it seems that if you are pushed for time then beasting yourself is actually effective.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Better than watching crap on TV.

    Plus its a little bit of quality time for you that we all need from time to time.

    I always come back (even from little 1 hour rides road rides) happier than when I left.

    I even shot round the block twice a few days ago (testing new stem position etc) and came back happier than I had been 10 minutes previously. I was sweating cos i went like stink!

    grasp every opportunity.

    i rode 12km yesterday on the road bike, 300m ascent and descent.
    was happy enough with that.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    That’s all I’ve been getting time for recently.

    Is it worth it? How do I get the best out of it.

    I’ve been going out and smashing it as hard as I can. Last night was an out and back route up a 1200ft climb.

    45 devon mins is pretty good training i’d have thought. 50 tough miles a week or there abouts is a good workout.

    i’m doing 45 mins to ashprington and 45 mins back every day and its making a huge diffrence to my fitness.


    I am thinking about relenting from my anti-road bike stance and buying something for quick sprints and the odd 100miler than my mates do.

    I don’t really enjoy the running I would normally do in that 45 minute slot and don’t go fast enough for much benefit.

    +1 for interval – to get my fitness up fast I will jog 100 paces and then sprint 50, then stop and gasp for a while, and repeat.

    plus that Genesis Equilibrium bike is so pretty…

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I quite often get maximum of 90 mins for a ride, typical’s 60 or so

    I’m a slow bloater though, so all these theories are clearly claptrap – else I’d be in the olympic squad fo’ sho’ 🙁


    A short ride tends to be a bit of an eyeballs out affair most of the time. No plans, no HRM of bike computer in fact I probably leave my brain behind.
    That said I won’t get out of bed for anything less than 2 1/2 hours in the saddle.

    best to try and vary your rpm and gear selection ala spinning if its for short periods.
    practice spinning in rythmn and sitting up, sitting down.


    45 mins definitely makes a difference, see all the many people (myself included) who get most of their riding in on the commute.

    If you are going hard once warmed up thats great.I did two cyclo cross 2 seasons, hour hard racing was far better for fitness and keeping your weight down than 2/3 hrs steady road riding.The training for X was same as your doing hard on the road.Another way of doing it steady on the flat hammer the hills.You ride hard for 45mins you know it as you do.Not a waste of time at all.When you get more time on the bike take it easyer just remember not to kill yourself on a 2/3 ride :lol:Enjoy.


    After a warm-up, try 5 x 5 mins at an effort you would describe as ‘hard’, 1 minute between efforts, then come back and ask it it’s worth it 😉


    Yes once warmed up do some intervals.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Short rides are all I’m getting at the moment. 7 mile commutes, quick 10 milers at night and the odd 20 miler if I’ve got time.

    I’ve done 38 of them since March 3rd!


    My road rides are all fairly short, average rides now are about an hour for 15/16 miles. I actually lost most of the weight I have by only riding half hour road a day so it does work.


    Find a decent hill. Ride to hill. Ride up, coast down. Repeat until 45 minutes is up. Ride home. Can’t beat hill training.

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