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  • 40th Birthday pressie
  • Seiko SNDA57P1 perhaps? Fabric/NATO strap and a pretty classic timeless design, imho.


    Hmmm it is nice but I’ve already got two Seiko watches.

    Edit: I do like Mickey, though, despite it having a leather strap.


    what about the TISSOT PRC 200 there is a version with a rubber strap.

    Ernest Jones other watch shops are available 🙂

    And finally happy upcoming birthday

    Premier Icon jam bo

    ive got the wrist sized version of that seiko up there rather than the wall mounted version pictured.

    its good, not too flashy but looks smart enough for everyday use.

    tough as well. wear it pretty much non stop and still looking good.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    My current thinking is a watch.

    Change your thinking 😉

    Something you’d never buy yourself.


    So, my biggie is not too far away and I’m thinking about stuff I’d like. I’m kinda thinking something that I wouldn’t want to replace after a few years or won’t become obsolete, such as a tablet and other such gadgetry.

    My current thinking is a watch. However, I don’t like metal straps and leather ones are too impractical, so I always go for polyurethane straps. Any recommendations? Price-wise, I’m thinking around a couple of hundred quid (which rules out a titanium roadie frame, unfortunately).


    The problem with that is if I use it, it becomes disposable and if I don’t use it, it becomes a complete waste of money.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Handcrafted kitchen knives.


    I’m 40 in a fortnight and have really struggled to come up with gift ideas. If I want something I buy it. And was concerned that I’d use a bike-related present and then it just wear out and so it isn’t special.

    I’ve asked for a bit of money. Not as impersonal as it sounds. Putting it to a skills day and few days away riding, which I will remember for much longer than a thing.

    No interest in huge watches or expensive pliers


    Mrs OD got me a surfboard for my 40th and I got her a 5* trip to Barcelona for New Year (as that is when her Birthday is)

    Premier Icon nemesis

    What don’t you like about metal straps?

    If like me it’s that they pull your arm hair then look at something like skagen as their metal straps are very fine links which don’t do that. I love my one :


    I had a genuinely awesome fortnight in Squamish/Whistler for my 40th.


    Mine is fast approaching too. TDF weekend and so long as Mrs Spud is well enough we’ll be up there. Was all set for a custom steel rod frame, but I’m not really riding much so canned that for now. I have no idea otherwise, like Jamiep, I tend to get what I want as and when.

    Watches … meh. How about a nice took kit?

    Premier Icon kcal

    Nice work stand? as above, toolset? Agreed about stuff that’ll last — or at least give years of use.

    Nice pair of shoes (brogues)?? cask of whisky?

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Watches are so obvious,

    I got a Chris King rear hub for my 40th.

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