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  • prawny

    Another toaster has gone pop today, less than a year old. Has anyone got any advice on a decent 4 slice toaster that will last? Or should I just get another cheap one and replace it yearly? Or get 2 2 slice ones?

    Are dualits worth the money?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    hate so say it, but as a serial toaster wrecker, Ive not managed to make the Dualit flinch yet.

    It takes abuse (I want my toast NOW, no actually stay in for a bit more, no NOW! out, wait back in for a smidge, THERE! PERFECT!)

    Easy to keep looking tidy too. ANd most importantly spare parts are available for repairs. I HATE throwing out cheap whitegoods because parts are not serviceable.


    don’t get a morphy richards, we got one for christmas and it’s hopeless. So Slow and uneven.


    Our Dualit was worth the money, then again it was a gift 🙂 Seems utterly simple and totally bombproof so am going to assume some longevity. Spares available if anything did go but you could buy a cheap toaster for the price of a new element so that isn’t that much of a bargain. If I had the money to buy one, now I have had one, I would, because I like them.

    p.s. only toasting the inside face of cut bagels was a revelation as well, the toaster educated me on that one.

    Premier Icon p7rich

    Had a 4 slice Dualit for 10+ years and still operates like its brand new. Cant remember what it cost bit i guess it was less than 10 years of cheap toasters. Also makes excellent toast so you dont need to suffer shi+ toast for 10 years! 🙂


    It was a morphs Richards that died today. Nearly ruined my day.

    We have one of these, can’t fault it and it’s much faster than the one it replaced.

    Premier Icon prettygreenparrot

    Dualit. Tough, repairable, and once you have the hang of it: perfect toast every time.

    Although I see they’ve changed the way you select the number of slots to toast. Progress eh?


    We’ve got a Philips one from Argos 3 years ago that’s still working fine and makes great toast.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    Dualit +1. Replaced a succession of short lived toasters. Pricey but worth it.


    In my extensive toaster experience and consequent frustration. I can categorically state that no domestic toaster is worth a damn. You may beg to differ I’m sure, but in that instance I can state that your tastes and requirements are not as exacting as mine.
    Having failed miserably to obtain one which will do the job consistently for less than stupid money, I recommend the grill. You just can’t beat the even crispyness that an overhead element can provide.
    I let the toast cool slightly and apply lashings of slightly salted butter.


    There are cheap and expensive Dualits (or at least there used to be). The cheap ones are just branded/skinned but are essentially cheap and unfixable unlike their more expensive cousins so if you want one do your home work. ISTR the Classic range are the bombproof repairable ones.


    I aspire to a dualit, used to have a cafe under my office years ago and he used a dualit. If it’s good enough for the pro’s….

    Otherwise why by expensive bike kit, some shonky apollo will cut it surely???


    Surely if something is bombproof, it needn’t be repairable?

    I looked at the more expensive Dualits, but there are far too many bad reviews around for me to consider shelling out £170.


    Kitchenaid 2 slice here (but they do a 4 also) weighs a ton, very consistent even when doing multiple rounds of toast. No problems in 5 years of use.


    Nope – Breville Cafe Series! Looked at Dualit and they’re quite shallow, can’t get a decent big loaf slice in there and toast it all was my opinion. The Breville was recommended from someone on here when I ran a similar thread some years back. Nice and heavy duty/cool thing imo! Google it…..

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Looked at Dualit and they’re quite shallow, can’t get a decent big loaf slice in there and toast it all was my opinion.

    I’ve never understood why 90% of toasters can’t take the single most popular ‘toastie’ bread in the country. (Or, I suppose, why Warburton’s can’t make their toastie loaf fit bloody toasters.) How hard is it to make a toaster with slots half an inch longer?


    Another Dualit owner here, the things I like about it:

    It toasts bread
    It is made by an English company ( founded by an immigrant )
    …Employing people in England
    It seems bullet proof
    ProHeat elements will fit Dualit toasters made in the last 50 years* and are easily replaced if one does fail

    They cost a bit more than they should, but they are the Defender of toasters.


    I’ve got a Prestige one. Does the biz and I’ve had it since 2004. One end does get slightly more toasted than the other, but it’s consistent across the 4 slots and I like it as I put the dome end of the bread to that end of the slot so that is slightly more toasted than the rest, which is nice to have medium toasted breaded at one end working your way upto well toasted at the other.

    I looked at a Dualit but couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a toaster that doesn’t pop up on its own. That has to be the biggest leap forward in toaster technology. You wouldn’t spend a premium on a car that you had to hand crank to start no matter how good a car it was when started would you? However Cranberry makes a strong case for them!

    I looked at a Dualit but couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a toaster that doesn’t pop up on its own.

    Not popping up keeps the toast warmer whilst you’re faffing.


    Are there any decent 4 slice long slot toasters?

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