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  • fontmoss

    So we have 3 weeks free from 4th of May and want to go away. Originally had thought fly to Guatemala travel into Belize and then come back via a few days in New York but the flights are pretty steep (£800+). The logical thing is to drop the NY part but started wondering if there was somewhere else we should look at before bite the bullet.

    We’re after somewhere interesting that has some culture and history to it as well as things to see. As well as that we want to zone out for about a week on a beach somewhere. To cap it off we want it to be sunny. If there bits of moon on a stick too then that would be great too.


    How about north east Turkey ? Could chill out at the end on a south coast beach or a gulet.


    Tbh the new york parts probably costing you next to sfa on a flight to guatamala……

    Try eastern europe for nice people and lots to see ( not much to do mind you ) and cyrillic alphabet does make finding your way around tough but its an interesting part of world.

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    Southern Spain.

    Beaches, mountains, cities, antiquities, nice weather.


    South East Asia?

    Cambodia,Vietnam then Thailand?

    Great countries and done right can be very cheap


    As above, it’s got beaches, Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada has all the culture you could want.

    Failing that, how about Northern Spain, the beaches are a lot better (proper sand), not quite the guarantee of weather but the Northern cities and town more than make up for it.


    Used to live in Madrid and gf has a spanish passport so were thinking further afield. I may have found a cheaper ticket that allows NY for only a hundred more rather than 400 I was getting quoted earlier*


    Tbh the new york parts probably costing you next to sfa on a flight to guatamala….

    Not really but thanks for the input


    What about interailing?


    Singapore > Oz > NZ

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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