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  • toss

    Just a shout out really for the excellent service from these guys. Got my Joplin 3 Dropper Seatpost repaired and serviced FOC with them. It was at their suggestion, too…..

    The thing was not holding air and leaking fluid. I initially enquired about a repair and a service which would have been £40+ but they said they would try and do it on warranty.

    Because I still had my receipt etc they did just that despite it being over 12 months since bought. I sent it off and two weeks later, its back, like new – for nowt 🙂

    really chuffed with that service.

    Cheers, T


    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Those folk always get good reports – despite working with CB

    They sure are – fixed a knackered Niterider for me and were very nice about it too.


    I’m guessing they’ve had lots of practice at giving a good service, must be major employer in Edinburgh


    Yep them guys are spot on unlike others in the bike industry.

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    2Pure = Only reason to consider buying CB products

    One of my Joplin 3 seatposts is currently with them…3rd time iirc.

    what/where are they? never heard of them..

    UK Distributers (and do warranty work) for CB, Ibis, Niterider and lots of other stuff. Not a shop.


    A few years ago they rebuilt one of my pedals after it fell apart on the trail and I managed to lose most of the bits. I’m not sure if I even had the original receipt. Excellent service.

    Given the warranty is 2 years I should hope they did sort it! Have heard good stuff about them before, we have one that’s suffering same problem (losing air and oil).

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    my Joplin4 has just died 🙁 losing air and oil like above, so hoping for good service from 2pure – just fired off an email.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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