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  • Rorschach


    Premier Icon andycs

    Yeti Big Top.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Have a look at the Spesh frames on sale at Bikescene…

    Tempted by the Camber 29er myself

    I’ve just built up a Niner EMD 9 with full XT 100mm forks Crests and carbon finishing kit. Light, fast and very playful. Tidy frame price too.


    I’m really chuffed with my Planet X Dirty Harry.

    First foray into carbon and 29er mind and it makes for a real mountain goat.
    Has got to be worth a look as compared with most 29er carbon frames, it’s a better deal.

    Only thing is, is that I have built mine up rigid 1×9 with Niner forks on but not to say a 100mm reba etc won’t fit well.


    Been given the green light from her in doors to do trans alp next year, now looking for a short travel frame and fork 100mm ish 29er as have every thing to build it up just after people’s opinions and recommendations, not into Santa Cruz and intense etc

    Sorry if its been done to death



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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