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  • s1m0n

    I set myself a target to ride 10,000km in 2016 and managed to reach it this morning with a couple of weeks to spare. Quite happy with that, but I do feel pretty knackered. Admittedly most of it is through commuting, but has meant plenty of circuitous routes to and from work.

    What targets has everyone else set themselves and have you made it?



    My annual target is 6000 miles, 145 miles to go and will do that next week easily. I also like to beat the previous years total, so another 28 to do on top of that, again doing that will be a breeze.

    Premier Icon nedrapier


    My cycling’s mostly sub 15 mile blasts round the hills, once or twice a week, with an occasional 40-70 mile ride. plus a whopping 5 miles a day commuting. So not doing big miles to start with.

    I was ramping up for some big rides in the summer, then spangled my shoulder. 5 month hole.

    Premier Icon qtip

    I set myself the same target. I thought that the arrival of mini-QTip in July might have put a spanner in the works, but thanks to a decent length commute I met my target last month. Up to 11,154 km now. Unfortunately, only 323 of those km have been on the mountain bike.

    My aim for next year will be 10,000 km again but with significantly more off-road. I’d love to reach 2015’s off-road total of 1500 km but the combination of parental responsibilities and having moved to somewhere with no local trails means that’s unlikely.

    Premier Icon scaled

    3000 (miles) was the target, gonna hit it this week probably. Not as much as i’d want but started the year with a 9 month old!

    Although i just worked out that it’s not that many more miles for a metric 5000 😀

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Unsure of my actual total.
    A fraction under 5000 miles on Strava which I’ll easily get to thanks to the Festive 500.

    It would have been 6000 miles had I done LEJOG as planned but I had to pull out of that one. 🙁

    I never strava my commutes; I did start keeping a record of them but that soon fell by the wayside. However at 16 miles each way, it’s roughly another 800-1000 miles in a year (I don’t ride each way every day) plus track cycling which is even more difficult to esitimate – average of 25-30 miles a session is about 500 miles a year but that could easily be out by a fair chunk.


    My aim was 4600km, about 100km short but off work from today so shouldnt be an issue. Not a massive target but primarily offroad, and focus on quality not quantity.


    Kind of, my target was to commute to work by bike from November 16th 2015, if i did every day i would exceed 10000 miles for the year, but with holiday and daughter being off ill for a period, i clocked 8592 up til that date this year and will have clocked over 10000 by end of this year of the 13 1/2 months.

    I’d like to say i felt like i was some sort of awesome athlete now, but after the initial weight loss and increase in aerobic fitness, i’ve actually just got really good at riding that route at 14-15mph and weight loss plateau’ed

    Hob Nob

    5000km, a 50/50 split of MTB & road.

    I’m short, by about 800km, but i’ve been been badly injured twice & also quite ill later in the year.

    I might come close, but the ratio will be out as i’m spending a lot of time on the turbo.

    Mister P

    I’ll finish the year on around 4500 miles which is quite a lot down on last year’s 6000 miles. But I feel better for it and I’m happy that as most of that is commuting I have saved a few quid in fuel costs. Probably haven’t offset the increase in food costs though.


    I set myself a target of 4000 miles, but I’ve failed miserably, I should reach 3000 this afternoon.
    The climbing is way down too I did 491000 ft last year, I’ve only done 367000 this year. 🙁

    Premier Icon ton

    most years I manage 7000 miles. 4 month off the bike curtailed that.
    aim to beat 7000 next year.


    I put down 10,000 miles on strava on a whim at the start of the year, been playing catchup ever since.

    Might just nick 9000 miles by NYE, if I take a couple of long routes in next week and the week after.

    I quite fancy a rapha roundel on my bag so I might have a good crack at the festive 500 this year.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Target: 4000 miles
    Did 3400 by June, then home/ work got in the way. Now up to 3978 according to Strava.
    Hope to get out next week, plus trip to BPW arranged.


    Yes, I went passed my target last night 🙂
    Wasn’t really a strict target, but wanted to increase my hours by 10% which gave a target of 361hrs (which has also taken me just over 5000mi). I should easily make 365hrs to give me an hour a day average before the end of the year.

    Next year will be looking for +10% more again which may be slightly harder.

    Premier Icon faustus

    Modest target of 2000 miles, which i’ll meet this year for the 3rd year in a row so at least some consistency. I reckon it’s about 50% off road too, so not bad.

    It’s not a hard ‘must-do’ target though, and it’ll be less of a focus next year.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    I increased my target from a modest 2000km to a slightly less modest 3000km.

    I’ll end up on 2500km ish.

    I need to ride my bike more…

    Premier Icon edd

    I don’t measure mountain bike rides – they’re all about fun.

    I do, however, aim to cycle home from work (25 miles) 50 times each year. I’m on 48 and hope to get the final two next week.

    Premier Icon beej

    Target was 12K, will struggle to hit 10K – need another 450km. Possible, depending on motivation over the next 2 weeks. Lowest total for a few years but I didn’t do any big events this year.

    Mallorca 312 entered for April 2017 though… that’s motivating me.


    I aimed to have fun. Despite some other aspects of my life being a bit stressful this year, I managed. So yeah, I hit my target despite being off the bike for a month and restricted to road only for another month.
    4982 Strava miles so far this year. And they’re the only ones that count, right?


    3000 mile target.

    Currently at 2800 with a very busy two weeks coming up.
    I’m going to try, but don’t think i’ll make it – ultimately spending time with the wife/kids is more important than hammering out empty miles to chase a total that only matters to me.

    However cycling might help keep the Christmas weight gain at bay..

    Was really on target until early Oct when I had a nasty cold which kept me off the bike for a couple of weeks, followed by working away a lot in Nov.

    Next year the target will be 3000 again – not sure I can do much more with my job/family commitments.


    Have done over 10,000Km for the past three years but have only just got over 9000Km for this year. Not sure of the split – I noted the distances for each bike at the end of last year but those are at home but at a guess I’ve done more off-road this year.

    If I commuted by bike every day then 10,000Km would be done and dusted but I think it would wear me down.

    Edit: on a 2017 targets thread on the BB forum someone mentioned doing a (imperial) century ride every week – that’s got to be hard work.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Nope. Not even close. Wife got ill at the start if the year meaning I’ve not been out nearly as much as I hoped. I wanted 5000 miles, I might scrap 3000.

    Debating a crack at the festive 500 but fear I’ll not get close to that either.

    Premier Icon flange

    Jesus wept – how do you lot do it? I thought I was a machine, yet I’ll barely break 4k miles this year and that’s pretty much all commuting. Anything 6k+ deserves a medal!

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    I’ve done 45 miles!

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Should reach 2300-2400 on ‘offroad’ miles – no commutes or road rides allowed! Was aiming for more than 2000 so reasonably happy.


    Incidentally, wouldnt have even considered counting if strava didnt do it for you



    Of my 9000 about 120 are off road. I do 200 (mostly junk) miles commuting per week, With the odd structured training session on the way in.

    Need to do more of that, I’m not getting any faster or thinner at the moment. To sketchy for zone 5 efforts in the dark though.

    Premier Icon njee20

    5200 target, 4506 actual YTD. Baby due 2 days ago… there’s probably not much more in it for me! Slightly more than last year, but down on 6 year average. 🙁

    Premier Icon russyh

    I’m very gutted! I set a target of 2000 off road miles for 2016 and I look set to hit around 1900. Tempted to drag the road bike out to hit the number, but that would be cheating. I am definitely going to hit the number next year. But will have to raise the target as I am planning on starting road again next year


    @flange – most of my weekend off-road rides are long XC rather than doing a loop round the local trail centre so it’s not too hard to do. My commute is 21Km each way so a week of that is 210Km but more likely 168Km as I’ll only ride four days. During summer two rides adding up to 200Km at the weekend (one will likely be road), the distance soon mounts up. This time of year 160Km per week is fine.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Might make 3,500 miles by the end of the year, against a target of 5,000.

    Much less commuting and fewer audax events account for the drop. Actually hit my MTB target of 50 miles per month.

    Premier Icon NewRetroTom

    Didn’t have any target this year.
    Sitting just under 11,000 km so far.
    Only done 700km on the road bike and 2,500km on the CX bike (mostly a commute with muddy bits). The rest all on various MTBs.
    Doing the Tour Divide definitely helped with the total!

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    4000km target and I’m about 3500 and a good bit. A shoulder injury has kept me off the bike for a while, I’m just trying to see where I can fit in the last few hundred kms.


    the year’s not finished yet! generally we do normally have a thread up comparing strava stats a few days before nye. 🙂

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    Aim was to ride more than last year, which I’ve done. Only 1100km but all off road and I don’t commute. Quite a lot of it has been with my kids, hopefully we’ll add to it on Sunday if No1 has recovered from his cold.


    I don’t measure mountain bike rides – they’re all about fun.

    All my rides are about fun*, I enjoy them all, if I didn’t then I’d stop riding.

    *my definition of fun might be different from other 🙂


    currently 4527/5000. it’s not going to happen


    Didn’t have a target but I hit 10,000 for the year at glentress on Tuesday. I’ve ridden more road this year but still only 1200, the rest is on a mountain bike. Rode just over 10,000 last year too.

    VeloViewer is great for geeking out! Currently on 10,098km/192,000m in 687 hours. Longest ride was last ‘day’ of the highland trail 550. 300km/7100m in 35:30

    Premier Icon Simon

    I set a target of 5000km. As of this morning I’d ridden 4437km, so not looking like I’ll achieve my goal.

    After years of tri’s, my target was to ride more for fun and to improve MTB technique on steeper stuff and jumps.

    Have ridden more – tick
    Have no idea how far – tick
    Have enjoyed it – tick
    Better technique -tick

    So good year all in all despite one bad off.


    This year, I had a target of 10’000 mile but lots of lurgy and stress at work curtailed that. Currently on 9050. I did hope to do 50% offroad on MTB and CX and its about 75% according to veloviewer so, happy with that.

    Premier Icon benp1

    Wow, some big mileages here

    Currently on 3,485 miles

    I’m short about 500-700 miles though as not all rides are recorded during the year

    Mostly commuting, all rides are fun though!

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Currently looking at 6,000km. That’s all “leisure” cycling, no commuting, and the vast majority of it off-road.

    I’ve done 10,000km before but that included a lot of road riding, commuting and a LEJOG.

    Targets – no big crashes, ride my bike enough to stay fast enough, improve skills, have fun. Success!

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