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  • 2012 Haibike Heet RC, any good?
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    I have a mate that is selling one for what seems like sensible money (I’m not going to reveal the price yet) & the spec seems insane for what is a Raleigh brand.
    Does anyone know if they are any good, or had experience of the make?


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    Bump for the daytime shift.

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    Mate of mine has just got the 2014 version and it’s a very nice bike. Dunno how much it has changed in that time. His is full carbon with 27.5 wheels.

    I don’t think Haibike are a Raleigh brand, but they are distributed by Raleigh. They are a German brand.


    I had a dyslexic moment reading the thread title and thought it was called the “Haibike Reet”. Now that would be cool.

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