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  • 2011 Orange five lead times
  • MrNutt

    At least your getting one, some of us can but wish or dream 🙁

    when the new model came in they got a deluge of orders….it takes them a while to catch up…theyre also out of some build components which has slowed things a little…

    its worth a wait!


    Ordered mine on a Friday with rear maxle and no rear decals so not straight off the shelf, took two weeks. I made sure I was in the shop when the order was made over the phone.

    I am currently upto five weeks and still counting (just been told its gonna be at least another week). How long did yours take from point of order to taking delivery?

    I know its not gonna make mine come any quicker, it will just give me an idea of time scale. I was originaly told 2-3weeks by the shop at point of order. Then 4-5weeks and now its looking to be 6weeks+

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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