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  • 2004 5-spot… upgrade or replace?
  • Premier Icon MartynS

    2004 5spot here as well….

    I’ll be getting buried with it.

    I can’t bring myself to part with something that still works well. Paint is a bit scruffy but so what, its covered in mud after a ride!!

    however if you want to prop up the economy…

    I had my 2005 HL 5spot until about a month ago when a fairly hefty crash killed it.

    Its been replaced by a 2011 5spot and although its early days, I think its probably its a better machine all round.

    Like you said, you can’t beat that new bike feeling. I was still sad to see the ’05 go. We shared loads of good times together.


    03 spot here,treated it to some fox 140,15mm talas,an rp2 and some crossmax st’s, And an xfusion droppy post
    As above, it’s coming to my grave……. 8)

    It was a great bike in 2004. Nowts changed.


    Keep riding it. I’m riding my HL 6 Pack all the time. DW Spot is gathering dust.

    Premier Icon Gordymac

    Stick with it until it breaks.

    2005 HL 5spot and still going strong, Fingers crossed that it doesn’t break anytime soon, New ones are expensive but my next one will be another Turner for sure 😀


    Hi im a big Turner fan I spotted this on ebay it never got a bid, would have made a nice upgrade (not mine btw)


    The horst link frames still pull about £350 so you could have a 2009 DW frame for about £150! Give him a message he may re-list it!

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    I’ve had a 2004 Turner 5-Spot for aaaaaages. It could do with some new forks, I’d quite like some new wheels (XT hubs I like; Mavic 321s I don’t), I’d also quite like an air shock (but which?) instead of the Romic coil on at the moment and I keep looking at uppy downy seatposts…

    So do I (a) splash out lots of cash on lots of new bits for the old frame, or (b) just spend (even more) cash on a completely new bike?

    Upgrading would be cheaper, but it feels a bit funny to spend lots of money on a frame that is getting on a bit; the paint isn’t what it was, and I don’t want to be stuck with fine-but-seems-to-be-going-out-of-fashion stuff like 27.2mm uppy-downy seatposts and straight 1 1/8″ steerer forks a few years down the line. Also while it’s an excellent bike it will never have that “wooo new bike!” feel. And I quite like the look of those Trek Fuel EXes…


    Please may I pass my indecision over to STW…

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    Johnners, I have thought about that, it would really only need a repaint as the suspension is fine (one reason I don’t really want to get rid of it – after all this time I replaced the main pivot shaft the other week, the rest of the suspension is fine! My old FSR was rattly if left for six months, never mind six years…), and I’m sure somewhere local would repaint it. Thank you for reminding me though, hmmmm…

    ‘Tis good to hear my 5-spot isn’t as decrepid as I sometimes worry it is… it is a great bike, even if it’s shininess has long departed. I think I can live with that, though, if I treat it to some new bits.

    Until I see someone else’s shiny new bike, though… aaaargh! Then I’m back to square one…

    Off to price up new bits now. Who does wheels with XT hubs?


    Your HL Spot is still up there with the best. Just hasn’t kept up with the marketing machine. The only real reason DT changed eventually to the DW link was to do with legal issues with Ellsworth. He was paying Specialized and Ellsworth.

    My HL Pack is so much more fun than my DW Spot.

    I’d treat your Spot to some nice kit. A Monarch rear air shock would be great as would something like a 140 fork up front. You can even get off set bushings to slacken and lower it. Ride it until it breaks.


    I’ve tried a newer Spot and there’s precious little difference between that and my 2005 HL model.

    Mine’s currently running 36 Vans and a DHX5 coil shock, and is ridden mainly by my wife on Alpine duties. Perfect as it is.

    I’ve also run it with a DHX5 air, which was nowhere near as good. If I was looking to get the weight down, I’d probably put a CCDB on it if cash were not an issue, and a Monarch (as recommended above) for a much lower price. I used to run air Pikes, but I’d spec Sektor forks now.

    Wheels? Still running Hope Pro II/819 combo.

    tops 5

    Got rid of my 04 HL Spot earlier this year – on reflection there was no need to change it but had the chance of new bike and took it (could have been a year or two before the chance came around again)

    Was definitley time for a new shock though and bushing changes seemed to be getting more regular


    27.2mm uppy-downy seatpost

    How can you show your face in public ?

    Premier Icon lowey

    Was in same boat this year. 2004 HL 5 spot ridden twice a week, year round, commuted on it too. Great bike. But after a Lakes trip this year where I broke just about every component on it, I weighed up spending £600 and hanging all the stuff on a tired frame against a full new build from Merlin for £2250.

    I relented and got the new bike. Sold the old one on here and it is now the subject of a recon project by a guy from London.

    The new spot took me months to get used to, but now I have, its brilliant. Slightly better at most things than my old HL one. I still miss it though. We had some great adventures together.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    How can you show your face in public ?

    Don’t pick on me, my life is not complete without more gadgets!

    I’m currently in the process of updating a marginally newer Flux. What’s driven my decision is that the bike is very, very capable – far more capable than just the lightweight XC bike it was marketing as. In fact I’ve sold an Orange Five frame to help pay for some of the new parts and not regretted that decision at all!

    I can understand where you’re coming from regarding buying parts for ‘old’ standard sizes. But most will be transferrable and fork steerers can be changed for a relatively small sum in the grand scheme of things.

    Ultimately only you can make the decision, but new isn’t always necessary or better in my opinion.

    As for the Trek Fuel EX, a mate has one and it’s a lovely, lovely looking frame and it’s flipping quick – but his paint has chipped really easily!

    but his paint has chipped really easily!

    Paint is just paint. Its quality is not relevant in judging a bike IMO.

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