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  • druidh

    Aftera few rear mech issues yesterday in that wet snow I’m thinking about fitting that Alfine wheel to the fatbike again. Rather than change the cranks I might run it 2 x 11 with the Alfine tensioner. Anybody done this and have some tips/advice/feedback/


    The range in the hub combined with (lack of) range up front will mean the crossover will be huge?? Fair enough on limiting faff by not changing cranks, but why not set it up on one or other of the rings and leave it there as a half-way-to-faffage-house ‘solution’?

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    With an Alfine 11 you are unlikely to need 2 chainrings. There’ll be plenty of range on 1 of the two chainrings.


    I run an Alfine 8 on my Pugsley and have plenty of range – as with the 11 you get 30% more range having 2 rings with the overlap will be over-complicated!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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