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  • 146 Bikes Recovered in Rochdale
  • fadass

    Had a quick look but can’t see anything posted on here about this already – apologies if its already been done – from Rochdale Online today:

    Police officers in Rochdale have recovered 146 suspected stolen pedal cycles from an address after a warrant executed by the Rochdale East Police Team.

    Each of the 146 stolen bikes has been booked into the Police property office and are in the process of being matched up to crimes with outstanding stolen bikes.

    If your bike was stolen and has already been reported to the police please send email your name, crime reference number, contact number and a description of your bike to: rochdaleeast@gmp.police.uk

    Just thought if anyone had had a bike stolen might be worth an email or a call – its not far from Lee Quarry if you’ve had anything nicked from there?


    Cheers fella – had a half-built thing stolen from Burnley last month, might be worth a punt.

    has anyone told johnsouthwales?!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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