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  • 100mm to 120mm travel
  • mekon

    Though about the geometry change, suppose 20mm isn’t massive though.
    Rockshox reba? Second hand Fox or SID? Depends if you want air or coil and what your budget is of course. Manitou look ok.


    Have got 90-140 u-turns on my Ramones and 20mm is quite noticeable especially immediately after adjusting the travel. On flat terrain 120 feels about right, 90-100 feels tipped forward, 140 feels like riding a chopper. Riding with the wrong travel for the terrain really messes it up think carefuly before fitting a longer fork.

    Premier Icon ceejay64

    I am thinking of upgrading my forks and also increasing the travel from 100mm to 120mm. The bike is a Trek Mamba fitted with Rockshox xc 32. I like the look of the Manitou Tower Experts.Any thoughts?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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