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  • £1000ish Cyclocross Bike – Inspire Me
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    I’m contemplating breaking the n+1 rule and selling my road bike and replacing it with a cross bike. I reckon it would be fine for the roadying I do and I’d be able to use it for CX and other riding.

    Anyway, does anyone have any have any recommendations for a bike around the £1k mark? If I see anything I like the look of it might just make me do it.

    I’ve a Ridley crossbow, which I use for both road and cross duties, 3 years old now and I still love riding it. If you’re the Tom I think you are, you’re more than welcome to borrow it!.


    2nd hand for £800ish and a spare pair of wheels so you dont have to keep swapping tyres for road duties.

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    Yeah I’m that one. This? Ridley Xbow Looks nice


    halford boardmans cx worth a look

    These all tick the boxes.
    If using for road and cx duties, gearing is a bit of an issue. Road compact is a bit off for cx racing (i always found myself at the top end of inner ring or bottom end of big ring).
    CX gearing doesn’t really go high or low enough for regular road use.




    What about a genesis? Sprockets in Kilmarnock had some real nice genesis cx bikes in, and a day one alfine going cheap too.

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    The Decathlon one. £800 gets you full 105, Mavic wheels, alu frame and a carbon fork. The finishing kit is all own brand stuff so you still have £200 left to upgrade if you so desire. Astonishing value in my eyes.

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    Get discs! They make sense. They can actually stop the bike. And you will wear out rims with cantis if you do anything gritty.

    Genesis Vapour / On One Dirty Disco?

    In the same boat so to speak and have been humming over a Kinesis Crosslight 5t which does not have disc mounts but does have mudguard eyes which is a bonus for me the other choice is a Cotic X , has disc mounts, mudguard eyes etc etc but some reviews have doubted the steering and the quality of the fork .

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    Pinnacle arkose

    Merida is a classy bike know few people with them.great spec.

    Go to Halfords and have a look at the Boardman. I have one on a cycle to work scheme and it has been superb.

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    Next week I will be taking delivery of a Pinnacle Arkrose 3 – 105, carbon fork, BB7s, rack and guard mounts.

    Coincidental that C2W arrived in time for my birthday 8)

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    Next week I will be taking delivery of a Pinnacle Arkrose 3 – 105, carbon fork, BB7s, rack and guard mounts.

    Really like mine, C2W also.


    If you can stretch budget a bit look at the on one dirty disco.


    Eastway CX2

    Little bit over budget but lifetime guarantee is nice. Also it’s compact 50/34 gearing so suits the riding you’ll do.


    Here’s my recommendation.
    Well over a year of hard core commuting, rides up in the pennines and general toughing it up in the nasties.

    I break stuff all the time and this thing has kept going through all sorts with me. All I’ve done is replaced the BB bearings. It’s light, fast and strong. Brilliant!

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    Kenesis cross light 5t.

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