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  • 10 speed – worth the upgrade?
  • DT78

    So my hardtails chain and cassette are getting towards the end of their life, rear mech is servicable but a bit ropey too. Should I stump up the extra replace the shifters and go 10 speed?

    rob jackson

    seems silly not too, i have just done the same thing. check your email btw

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Only if your going 1×10 and getting a wie range cassette.

    Otherwise just pick up cheap 9spd stuff

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    It’s more than just one more ratio on the cassette. It seems slicker and. gives better chain line (either with 2 * 10 or more use of middle ring with 3 * 10).

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Upgrade? My bike’s got 27 gears. I remember when it was all about how many gears you had. How long before we’re told/sold we all need 3 speed Sturmey Archers? 😆


    Gonna get less life out of it.

    But I’m still on 8 speed.


    Not really noticed much difference going to 10 apart from it looks like parts will be a lot more expensive!

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Completely smashed a ten sp chain in the Lakes last week – never done that before. Running a bash too.
    I’ve gone 1×10 – having a 36 on the back lets me use a 34 up front. This gives be a better top end – about 20/21 mph.


    Like some above, I wouldn’t class 10 speed as an upgrade, maybe if you want to run a single chainring. I put together a road bike for a friend recently which was my first experience of a 10 speed chain, its side plates seemed to be made of foil.

    Premier Icon momo

    I went to 10 speed a few months ago, like you my cassette and chain were on their last legs, went from a full XT setup to XT with an XTR shifter. It might be shiny new kit syndrome, but the shift precision and speed is vastly improved. I’m running 1×10 and the 36 out back lets me get away with a 34t front chainring and full chain device, and still be able to get up most hills and have a reasonable top speed.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Tried it last year on one bike but in the end sold the groupset and went back to 9sp so I didn’t need to carry two lots of spares.

    I liked it, especially the ability to ride up more in the middle ring, but it wasn’t a big enough improvement to justify upgrading all my bikes so I have stocked up on 9sp mechs and cassettes instead.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    My 9 speed works fine but having used 10 speed on road bike I am wondering if I should up grade. Seems to be a lot more useful gears now? However I want to ride trails up as fast as down – will 10 speed still give me that? I have the legs for it and wouldnt for example need granny in trail centre and a better range in high would be more useful. Im at the point where my 9 speed may need a complete change. Do i jump to 2 x 10? I cant see the point of swapping to 3 x 10 from 3 x 9?


    While 10 speed setups give a better range of ratio e.t.c, chains are more expensive and so are the cogs.

    If you live in a really hilly area then you there is probably an advantage. If you you in the flatlands then the benefits are less noticeable. I only ride SS MTB though so my opinions are biased.

    Edric 64

    Stil running 7 speed on a couple of bikes as its not worn out and the upgrade is expensive

    Premier Icon composite

    I did, I wish I hadn’t bothered as replacement parts are a lump more expensive. That was a 3/10 setup.

    Premier Icon jonke

    So with a 36t cassette out the back how much difference does that make compared to 34? Would a front34/rear36 combo be like a f32/r34?

    Premier Icon jameso

    I agree with sam_underhill, I thought XT dynasis 3×10 was really slick feeling, a lovely shift action at the lever and I felt the chainset ratios were better, less adjustment needed at the rear when front shifting so the result was I used the range I had more willingly. A sucker for the hype, or the idea behind it works? I’d say it works. BUT I hardly ride it anymore, I smashed the RD off last summer and it sees a lot less use than my SS, so I can’t comment on durability. I’d guess it’d all wear well as you may use more gears, ie spread the wear across rings and cassette a bit more? I’d spend the extra on good shifters and use a cheaper RD.

    Not really worth it as an upgrade, but seems silly to replace it with 9s if it all need doing anyway. I actualy prefer the cheep SRAM 9s stuff for it’s clunkyness.


    Yes. The shifting is slicker, you can shift better under power, the shifting stays sweeter for longer on Shimano (though strangely the opposite is true for Sram) and the extra spread of gears for 1×10 is useful, if you run 3×10 the tighter ratios make life easier.

    Also, contrary to what those above say, there’s tests (and my personal experience) to show that chains and cassettes last noticeably longer.

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