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  • devash

    I have a bit of a dilemma. I picked up a Specialized Camber 2012 model last year on a budget which has been a great bike (if a little large) and its got to the stage where I’d like to upgrade some of the components.

    At the moment it has a very basic RS Recon Gold TK fork and I’d like to upgrade it to something plusher with a 15mm through axle, as my upgraded Fulcrum wheelset comes with the bits to allow this.

    Unfortunately the bike does not have a tapered headset which seems to be the universal standard nowadays, and the only forks I can find anywhere online for a decent price are the 2013 RS Rebas, for around £300.

    I fancied a set of Fox Float 32’s to complement the upgraded rear shock (Fox RP2) but I get the impression that these aren’t made with a traditional straight steerer any more. Could it be time to sell the Camber frame and look at something a little more futureproof?


    Should still be able to get normal tube forks. Might be worth asking mojo directly what they have left


    Have a look

    Premier Icon Northwind

    What sort of fork are you after? You can get straight steerer Revelations still- too long for a Camber but possibly shortenable, not sure.

    I’ve got a set of nearly-new QR Sids set to 120mm to sell… But it depends what you do with the Camber, if you ride it as hard as some do I wouldn’t recommend that option. Or 32s if I’m honest, my Camber came with a set and they were tolerable but not great, they weren’t happy on rougher descents.

    Premier Icon cnud

    Just got some x fusion velvets in 1 1/8 straight, seem great

    Premier Icon everyone

    You can get White Bros loops with a straight steerer. They work great for me although I’d prefer a proper lockout instead of the magnetic threshold doodad.


    Thanks for all the info guys.

    Merlin have 10& off all RockShox stuff this weekend so I’ve just bagged a set of 2013 crown lockout Reba RL’s with 15mm thru axle for £270 delivered.

    Can’t really go wrong!

    There’s going to be a Recon Gold TK in the classifieds sometime in March if anyone’s interested……

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