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  • 02 rententions – cracked like an egg in a blender
  • trail_rat

    after my post last night about three….

    i phone o2 to cancel got the obligatory retentions pressure.

    first offer was crap another simplicity tarriff but reducing my calls and texts and taking it back to 9.87 -and feeling cheeky due to them sneaking in a price increase on my simplicity deal without me agreeing(or knowing it was happening till my bill came through at the weekend)

    pointed him towards the three deal on the e71 with 200mins – unlimited texts and internet for 20quid

    came back straight at me with e71 – 600mins 1000 texts (who sends that many texts anyway) and unlimited internet for 20 quid – Made sure that there was no price increase for the 18 month contract and that it was indeed an 18month contract not 24 i agreed

    makes you wonder how much profit they are making off their new customers !


    Never hurts to haggle. Glad you got a good deal out of it.


    Nice, I got the same deal but opted for a free Nokia 5800. Always found that if you have a bit of research under your belt (what other operators are offering and what other people have negotiated) and are polite with the person on the other end of the phone, you come away with a decent deal.


    Anyone got decent deals when moving from sim-only payg to contract? I’ve been with 02 for about 9 years now as payg, on a £10 a month tariff with 500 texts and sod all else, wondered if they would like to keep my business by moving me onto a contract with a newer phone for a similar cost, or will they tell me to get stuffed. I dont really want to pay more than £10 a month as my phone is a luxury rather than a necessity and I barely get through the 500 texts and £10 each month as it is, I just fancied tinternet and a more tinternet capable phone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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