Bosch update: eMTB and Tour+ modes now tunable

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Bosch eBike Systems smart system update adds customisable riding modes and new navigation functions for the eBike Flow app.

You can now…

  • Adjust dynamics, strength, speed and torque, and to what degree, within eMTB and Tour+ modes.
  • Reducing the maximum assisted speed to extending battery life (bit weird but hey).
  • Mapping now shows e-biker specific ‘heatmap’ (and ‘MTB Trail’ and satellite imagery overlay).

Bosch press release:

Stuttgart/Reutlingen – With the latest free update for Bosch eBike Systems’ smart system, physical and digital eBike riding experiences are increasingly merging together. Using the eBike Flow app, eBikers now have the option to adapt both eMTB and Tour+ riding modes to fit their personal riding style. The enhanced navigation functions also promise even more individualised route planning.

Personalised interaction between rider and eBike on the trail

The eMTB mode from Bosch eBike Systems adapts to support the eBiker in every eMTB situation – dynamically, progressively and with maximum sensitivity. Users can now make further adjustments via the settings in the eBike Flow app, giving them the opportunity to change dynamics, strength, speed or torque, and to what degree, within the mode.

For the Tour+ riding mode the same opportunities for personalisation are available with the update. By fine-tuning the parameters, eBikers can now ride even more efficiently, reducing the maximum assisted speed and thus extending their battery life. Other Bosch riding modes Race, Sport, Cargo, Turbo, Auto, Tour and Eco can already be customised.

New navigation functions allow more precise route planning

The latest update also sees Bosch eBike Systems present enhanced navigation functions, promising even more precise route planning. In addition to the route profiles for daily rides (‘Daily’), leisure rides (‘Leisure’) and eMTB trails (‘eMTB’), there is now a new ‘Speed’ profile for Speed Pedelecs. This calculates routes that can be ridden with S-pedelecs.

In addition to the route profiles, Bosch offers map detail variants ‘Satellite’, ‘MTB Trails’ and the new ‘eBike Heatmap’. The latter shows which routes eBikers regularly use. The ‘MTB Trails’ map also allows app users to see which mountain bike trails run nearby, and are colour-coded according to their level of difficulty. The ‘Satellite’ map provides a better overview and more precise information about the rider’s surroundings. All three map variants can be easily selected in all route profiles.

In addition to the integration of the new features, the eBike Flow app is now available in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Czech.

The update for the smart system can be downloaded for free via the eBike Flow app. The eBike Flow app is available for download via the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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  • Bosch update: eMTB and Tour+ modes now tunable
  • failedengineer
    Full Member

    Does this only apply to the very latest motors?

    Full Member

    @failedengineer – Good Q. Have just asked Mr Bosch-UK.

    Full Member

    Good news for Bosch users.
    I’ve tried the navigation and even though it’s basic it’s still handy when following a route you’ve uploaded to the app

    Full Member

    does this need the fancy head unit to connect? of does the app connect to teh motor?? I’ll do a bit of reading..jsut thought someone may know!


    Full Member

    No head unit required. (By Phil E-Collins)

    Full Member

    I take it the API, like everything Bosch conjur up (EMS for boiler controls, k-line in the 80s for car diagnostics) is still an entirely closed shop making integration with a Garmin, or indeed anything at all impossible.

    Full Member

    @failedengineer – “This new update applies to any motors already using the smart system.

    “These include: Cargo Line, Performance Line, Performance Line Speed, Performance Line CX and Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition.”

    Full Member

    What’s the Smart system? I suspect that my ’21 CX performance line with a Purion display can’t get it.

    Full Member

    I suspect that my ’21 CX performance line with a Purion display can’t get it.


    When did this smart system start being included on motors? this really is a very poor press release from bosch, and their website is equally as useless at providing any useful information.

    If my motor is compatible, how do I get the update, is it something I can do myself, is it a shop visit to connect their service computer to the bike, or are they just referring to an update of the app?

    Free Member

    I have a bike with a ’22 cx4 motor and no update available on the flow app for me.

    Full Member

    If you’ve got a 750Wh battery you have the Smart System.

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