Canyon Releases New Torque:ON Plus EP8 Updates

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Canyon has launched the new Torque:ON, plus the Grand Canyon:ON, Neuron:ON and Spectral:ON all get updates in the form of the new Shimano EP8 motor, plus a few spec changes.


The Torque:ON is an electric version of Canyon’s Torque – their big travel park bike. The new Torque:ON aims to deliver the fun handling of the Torque, but without the need for an uplift to get you to the start of that jump line at the bike park, or that fast and steep descent. Canyon’s marketing describes it as ‘an absolute downhill-ripping, berm-slashing, air-boosting beast of a bike.’ Canyon will offer two 2021 Torque:ON models in all markets outside the United States: The Torque:ON 8 (£4,499) and Torque:ON 9 (£6,299).

Torque:ON – The Basics

  • Alloy frame
  • 180mm front & rear suspension • 27.5 wheelsize on all models
  • 85 Nm SHIMANO EP8 motor
  • 504 Wh battery (all sizes)
  • Extra 504 Wh “Dual Battery” battery option for longer days out on the trails.
  • 2 Models
  • Price Range: £ 4.499 – 6.299

Of course it’s not just a straight up Torque with a battery bolted on. Canyon wanted to keep it playful but admits that’s not always so easy on a bike with a battery. You get a 63.5-degree head angle, 485mm reach on a size L, short 430mm chainstays, and 27.5-inch wheels.

“Short chainstays and smaller 27.5 wheels help here by keeping the wheelbase from getting tractor-trailer long. Equipping the bike with a smaller 504-Wh battery also helps maintain that agile handling. Why go smaller on the power source? Because it helped us cut a kilogram from the frame and, yes, you definitely notice it.”

Torque:ON 8

“The Torque:ON’s motor and battery increase its sprung mass. This meant we needed to increase the leverage curve’s progressivity to prevent the bike from wallowing in the mid-stroke or blowing through its travel on big hits.”

“On the other end of the spec- trum, thanks to the addition of the motor, we were actually able to make the suspension even smoother on technical descents. Sounds strange? Read on. The key was reducing the bike’s an- ti-squat level, which has the happy effect of also reducing pedal kickback and making the bike feel smoother over choppy sections of trail.

Torque:ON 8

“Of course, “we reduced the anti-squat” isn’t exactly a phrase you hear bandied about during bike launches because reducing anti-squat generally reduces pedaling efficiency—and that normally sucks. But not in this case. Anti-squat is designed to combat the suspension squat that results from a human applying inconsistent amounts of torque during each pedal revolution. The Torque:ON’s motor delivers an al- most constant torque, reducing the level of anti-squat actually needed to make the bike climb well—this allowed us to optimize the Torque:ON’s suspension for downhill performance without sacrificing its climbing ability. Win-win.”

Torque:ON 9

If you want a Torque:ON, your options will be:

  • Torque:ON 9 / Extra Battery – £ 6.299
  • Torque:ON 9 £ 5.799
  • Torque:ON 8 / Extra Battery – £ 4.999
  • Torque:ON 8 £4.499
  • For 2021, Canyon USA will carry one model, the Torque:ON 8, which will retail for $5,399.

The Spectral:ON


The Spectral:ON has a mullet (29/27.5) wheel set-up, 150mm of front and rear suspension, and a carbon front triangle. We’ve tested this before, but today it gets a little update with new EP8 equipped models. Six models are on tap for 2021, starting at £4,599 and culminating in the top-tier CF 9 version, which sells for £7,599. There’s a fair range of colours to choose from too!

Spectral:ON – The Basics

  • Carbon front triangle, alloy rear end
  • 150mm front and rear suspension
  • Mullet (29/27.5) wheelsizing on all models
  • 85 Nm SHIMANO EP8 motor 630 WH Battery (all sizes)
  • 6 Models (4 Unisex, 2 WMN)
  • Price Range: £ 4.599 – 7.599

The Spectral:ON – The New Bits

  • SHIMANO EP8 ecosystem and drive unit
  • 630 WH Battery
  • New Battery Covers
  • Spectral:ON CF 6 — A new entry-level model (called “Spectral:ON CF 7” in USA)

The Neuron:ON


Next in the line-up is the Neuron:ON. Featuring 130mm of front and rear suspension on most models, the Neuron:ON a trail bike for covering the miles. It is available in five models, with a price range of £3,699 – £4,599.

The Neuron:ON – The Basics

  • Alloy frame
  • 130mm front and rear suspension (M – XL)
  • Full 29er wheelsizing (M – XL)
  • 120mm front/125mm rear suspension (XS & S)
  • Full 27.5 wheelsizing (XS & S) • 85 Nm Shimano EP8 motor
  • 630 Wh Battery (Frame sizes M – XL)
  • 504 Wh Battery (Frame sizes XS & S)
  • 5 Models (3 Unisex, 2 WMN)
  • Price Range: £ 3.699 – 4.599
  • Available in all countries, aside from the USA

The Neuron:ON – The New Bits

  • Shimano EP8 ecosystem and drive unit
  • 630 WH Battery (For Frame size M – XL)
  • New Battery Covers
  • New entry-level model (Neuron:ON 7)

The Grand Canyon:ON


Finally, the Grand Canyon:ON brings together the Shimano EP8 motor and battery technology into a simple and reliable hardtail package. Canyon will offer five models, ranging in price from £2,899 – £3,599.

The Grand Canyon:ON – The Basics

  • Alloy frame
  • 120mm front suspension (S – XL, 100mm on XS)
  • 29er wheelsizing (M – XL)
  • 27.5 wheelsizing (XS & S)
  • 85 Nm Shimano EP8 motor
  • 630 Wh Battery (Frame sizes M – XL)
  • 504 Wh Battery (Frame sizes XS & S)
  • 5 Models (3 Unisex, 2 WMN)
  • Price Range: £ 2.899 – 3.599
  • Available in all countries, aside from USA

The Grand Canyon:ON – The New Bits

  • Shimano EP8 ecosystem and drive unit
  • 630 WH Battery (For Frame size M – XL)
  • New Battery Covers
  • New entry-level model (Grand Canyon:ON 7)

As soon as test bikes land we’ll be hoping to get out and about on some of these new models. Not sure which might suit you? Maybe our adventure day out will give you some inspiration.

We believe stock will be landing in March, and the way bikes are selling right now you should probably make your choice before the ‘buy’ button goes live! Head here to check out the full range on Canyon’s website.

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