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Mondraker Play eMTBs for kids come in hardtail and full-suspension flavours

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Monkdraker launches a complete series of electric bikes for kids with the new Play range of hardtail and full-suspension eMTBs.

Late last year, Mondraker almost killed the internet with news of the Grommy electric balance bike. Ebikes are polarizing at the best of times, but the idea that parents might buy a motorised balance bike for their kids was too much for some commenters, with people claiming that such a bike would make kids ‘lazy’.

I don’t agree with those comments and since buying a Grommy for my daughter I’ve found that she rides her pedal bike much more often than she did, alternating between the two but ultimately preferring pedal power.

Mondraker Play 20
Mondraker Play 20

Mondraker has stuck by the idea of eBikes for kids too, and for 2021 has increased the range of eMTB models suitable for younger rides with the new Play series.

Mondraker Play e-Bikes come in 20in, 24in and 26in wheel sizes with both hardtail and full-suspension bikes covered. Just like the adult Mondraker bikes, these Play and F-Play bikes run a Forward geometry and retain that classic Mondraker styling.

Mondraker Play 26
Mondraker Play 26

All variants use an alloy frame which houses an integrated 250Wh battery powering a Mahle e-Bikemotion hub motor for the assist. We don’t know much about this drive unit, but the e-Bikemotion X35 hub has been around for some time now and used to power sub 12kg e-Road bikes, so it’s sure to be a good option for a lightweight kids eMTB.

Because the X35 is aimed at lighter bikes and has a much smaller battery than full-power eBikes, the system has a simple handlebar control to turn the motor on or off, and switch between light assist and walk modes. An easy to read LED light bar indicates mode selection and battery level.

Mondraker F-Play 26
Mondraker F-Play 26

Mondraker’s website lists the Mondraker Play 20, Play 24 and Play 26 with prices ranging from £1999 to £2399 and builds that include disc brakes, and RockShox suspension forks. However, if your young rider is ready for a full-suspension bike, Mondraker also offers the F-Play in either 24in or 26in wheel options with prices from £2799 – £3199.

For more details on the Mondraker Play series visit the Mondraker website or visit Silverfish who are the official UK distributor of Mondraker bikes.

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    1. Unless your kid has an illness / disability this sends entirely the wrong message.
    2. 3 grand for a kids bike – show off nonsense – got to look yourself in the mirror if you are doing that. What is the message you are giving them?
    I was down Reigate Park just after Xmas with my 5 year old who was hooning around on his Squish 18 [recommend btw] – he saw this kid in an electric car going along at 3mph making a horrible noise. I pointed out that his bike could go anywhere he could take it – these could only go on that paths.

    “1. Unless your kid has an illness / disability this sends entirely the wrong message.”
    Ugh, I’ve had to read that twice now.

    Wow.! and still the negative comments come in.
    Those that think its lazy are probably the parents that drive their kids to school…
    and the above comment, OMG what can i say..!?!
    I think these are great fun and can get kids out more, going further and able to keep up…
    whats not to like.? Oh yeah, the price… if you cant afford (or justify it) move along please…

    Not that I could afford them but why not I would love it if my kids could keep up with me on the hills and along the paths.
    Not all kids want to feel the pain of riding up fire road for 15 minutes just to get a 2 minute downhill some of them just want to have fun.
    Do the people that complain about kids having ebikes never take the uplift at BPW or the alps.

    At 8-10 my children couldn’t keep up with me in the climbs but weren’t far off on the descents. This would have helped with that. Nothing to do with laziness – they just aren’t as strong as their parents in the climbs.
    At 14 they’re starting to leave me behind on the climbs. Let’s not talk about the descents.
    So yes it has its place but more to rent at the steeper trail centres than to buy for general use.

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