Video: 2018 World Cup Champion Amaury Pierron is Bear Grylls and Ray Mears combined in “Momo Vs Wild”

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“in this country, there are many venomous spiky things” Momo of “Momo Vs Wild”.

We get sent a lot of videos or as we like to call them “shredits” from bike brands. Usually, they consist of a sponsored rider hitting some ridiculous line, jumping over a bus, and generally being rad to the power of gnar, but occasionally we’re sent a video that is a little different, a little more imaginative, a little more … well, bonkers!

Commencal has never been a bike company to follow trends instead, they like to follow their own mad ideas and this often means some pretty interesting videos. Case in point, “Momo Vs Wild”, a video that Commencal has commissioned to show off the effectiveness of the Meta Power e-MTB as a tool for exploring, but really just shows 2018 World Champ Amaury Pierron doing his best Bear Grylls impression.

Meet Momo, he’s pretty wild!

Sure we get to see Amaury, aka Momo, do a little fancy riding, but we also get to see the downhill champ/wilderness explorer track a pterodactyl, cook an omelette on volcanic rock, build a shelter and successfully hunt a packet of Chicken Nuggets, yes it is as crazy as it sounds.

“2018, lost in the jungle between the Piton des Neiges and Belvedere de Bois Court, the air is stiflingly moist. In the distance, amongst the Baobabs, the cries of the wild beasts resound…

Will our Momo be able to escape the vicious traps of the tropical jungle? Will he survive the ruthless guerrillas, poisonous snakes, tsetse flies, conjunctivitis, outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and hungry cannibals? Is there any hope for him? Find out by following this most exciting adventure and portrayal of passion, subtlety and flambé bananas.
Join us for laughter, adventure, love, suspense and more!

COMMENCAL is pleased to present MOMO vs Wild, the Island of all dangers!”

Please bike industry, more videos like this please!

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