Review: Lezyne Tech Drive HV Pumps

Just how many punctures do you need to test a pump? Rachel finds out.

Review: SKS Airboy XL Pump and Airchecker Pressure Gauge

A firm orange, a ripe melon, or 23.6 psi? Sim gets all numerical with this SKS kit.

Review: Birzman Studio Tool Box 37 pcs

Richard has a go at being a mechanic. What could possibly go wrong?

Review: Prestacycle Prestaflator Digital Pump Pressure Gauge

New spangles for an old pump

Review: Park Tool AWS-7 tool

Fast and handy?

Review: Stan’s NoTubes Valve Core Remover

Sometimes it\'s all about the simple things

Buyers Guide: 5 Multi-tools Reviewed

Sanny tests five excellent trail multi-tools to see which one stands out from the crowd.

Birzman Zacoo Maha MTB track pump

Tools need to look and feel good to be useful. This is universally accepted. This Birzman trackpump certainly has the looks. Does it have the blow?

WERA Bike Check tool kit

It\'s not actually possible to have too many tools, reckons Jenn, but does this one float to the top of her pile?

Mini Test: Multitools

Pocket-sized maintenance awesomeness, poked and prodded, just for you.

Lezyne SV 11 Mini tool

Goregous AND practical? Why Ambassador, you are spoiling us

Birzman Zyklop C-Bag with tools

Everything you need for trailside maintenance?

Axiom Exterminateair HV

Richard\'s quite good at puncturing so we thought who better to test the Axiom Exterminateair HV pump, here\'s what he thought

Airwave Motion

Another pump form our group test

Birzman Velocity

Birzman Velocity pump put through its paces

Blackburn Mammoth AnyValve

Blackburn\'s Mammoth AnyValve pump put to the test

Cannondale Airspeed Max

Another hand pump from out issue 92 group test

Crank Brothers Gem Long

Looking for a hand pump? well the Crank Brothers Gem Long Pump might the one for you

Lezyne Alloy Drive

What did Chipp\'s think of the Lezyne Alloy Drive pump

Park Tools PMP4

How did Park Tool\'s PMP4 pump perform

Pro Performance Two-Way

How did the Pro Performance Two-Way pump perform in our group test

SKS Injex T-Zoom

How did the SK Injex T-Zoom pump perform during our group test

Topeak Mountain Morph

James got his pump on and gave Topeak\'s Mountain Morph a good test

Truflo Mountain CNC

Truflo Mountain CNC pump is put to the test

Specialized Air Tool MTB Flex Pump

P P P P P P P PUMP IT UP.. How did Specialized\'s MTB Flex pump handle our puncture riddled trails

Wolf Tooth Ultralight Lockring & BB Wrench

Is lightness a selling point for tools?

Lezyne Sport Drive HV

Stubby, stumpy, simple - but does it blow?

Lezyne’s all-in-one Port-A-Shop Tool Kit

Can a ready made toolkit meet all your wrenching needs?

Lezyne Classic Dirt Floor Drive track pump

Big, satisfying volume from a great looking pump – that’s made just for us mountain bikers.

Truflo Minitrack mini track pump

The Minitrack is now an essential part of my pack and the most lent-out of my tools