Fresh Goods Friday 713 – The Lasting Gasping Winning Edition

Welcome, welcome one and all (not you though) to the internet show your telly was made for: Fresh Goods Friday! Since last Thursday various teams who aren’t really used to...

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Fresh Goods Friday 697 – The Sprunnng! Edition

Spring is here! Woo! Yeah! Alright alright alright! Break out the shorts? Slap on semi-slicks? Here is your weekly allocation of Fresh Goods.

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NBD: £20k Lotus Type 136, £2k Giant Stance, 19.5kg Electric Orange…

... Cane Creek Tigon air-coil rear shock, Sagly suspension set-up app and dates & venues for 2024 British National Enduro Series.

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Fresh Goods Friday 667 – The Holey Decking Edition

Happy August Bank Holiday people! We hope you\'re doing something nice and that the weather plays ball.

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National Audit Office Report Paints Bleak Picture on Active Travel

A National Audit Office (NAO) report published today has examined the progress made towards the government’s active travel targets. In a move befitting scriptwriters of a political satire, the NAO...

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Back From The Dead: Holiday Club

Dieter is a mechanic who will always fix things if he can. With his spare parts bin and Dremel, he’ll breathe life back into almost any bike. Join us for…

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Dieter Back From The Dead

Fresh Goods Friday 646 – The Weird Galactic Soup Edition

Let’s start out with something approaching normal service… For the CNC and skate nerds, it’s kinda cool, but also seems like a vest waste of metal. Beware the wormhole that...

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Boardman MTR 8.9 – The DATA

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Boardman MTR 8.9

WHY 2K? Full-suspension bikes under £2000 test

Benji and Rhys look at the world of £2k full suspension bikes. Can a good ride be had at this price?

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Boardman MTR 8.9 review

The Boardman MTR 8.9 has an awful lot going for it.The cover of this book may look 2013, but it reads just in 2023.

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Boardman MTR 8.9

Singletrack Magazine Issue 147 Is Out Today! How will you read yours?

If you receive a printed copy of the magazine each issue, it’s now in the post – we can’t be sure exactly when it will land with you, but if...

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Best Mountain Bike Saddles: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Saddle pain can affect both new and experienced riders: so here\'s our guide to the best mountain bike saddles.

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best mountain bike saddles

The Next Issue Of Singletrack World Is Coming, Don’t Miss Out!

It’s a complicated and mostly boring story behind it, but the process of producing a printed magazine, sending it to the printer, and then sending it out to you, means...

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Back From The Dead – ‘Tis The Season For Good Vibes

Dieter is the kind of bike nerd mechanic that every good bike shop should want. He is endlessly enthusiastic about getting people of all kinds onto bikes of all sorts.…

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NBD: Starling, Boardman, Magura, We Are One, Silca, WPS, Scrub

New Bike (and bike stuff) Day! Last week\'s tech news roundup went down well so... let\'s have another one.

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Fresh Goods Friday 627: In It To Win It Init Edition

This is the Zinntro... the intro inspired by the author of Zinn & The Art Of Mountain Bike Maintenance (the N-tastic Lennard Zinn).

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Readers’ Rides: TJ’s Shand Bahookie

Some of you will have previously spotted this bike on the Forum, or possibly on Shand’s Instagram. But it’s such a beautiful bike with such a bittersweet tale behind it…

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Fresh Goods Friday 585: keep off the roading edition

After a strangely traffic-heavy tarmac week on it’s nice to head into the weekend planning our big weekend off-road rides. Most of us here are lucky enough to be...

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Council to pay £25k costs after illegally removing popular cycle lane

It’s been quite the week for infrastructure and utility cycling news, and today Cycling UK has announced that West Sussex County Council has admitted it acted illegally when it decided...

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Highway Code changes affect riders, drivers and pedestrians – are you ready?

We’ve certainly seen plenty of clickbait headlines and grumpy comments across the media this week, as information about the impact of the changes to the Highway Code does the rounds...

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Can Chris Boardman lead new Active Travel England to real change?

Active Travel England, the Government’s new cycling and walking executive agency, launches with Chris Boardman as interim commissioner. The former Olympian has long been a champion for cycling as transport,...

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Boardman MTR 9.0 review: brilliant or bobbins?

Barney batters the Boardman MTR 9.0. Boardman’s blingiest bouncy bike, but is this affordable full-sus Brilliant, or bobbins? Boardman’s MTR 9.0 is the company’s flagship mountain bike. No high-falutin’ DH...

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Boardman MTR 9.0

FGF 567 – The Duvet Edition

This Fresh Goods Friday comes to you from under a duvet. We’ve kissed goodbye to Drink Beer At Your Desk Friday and said hello to Drink Hot Chocolate Under Your...

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