Boardman Bikes – Long Wait For Bikes Ends Today

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The ongoing shortage of bikes and parts continues to affect us all. Whether you are looking for a new bike or just trying to keep your existing bike(s) running the global shipping crisis and the insanely long lead times forced on the world’s manufacturers by the Covid pandemic will have affected you. The 2nd hand market for bikes has never reaped such prices as demand for bikes in general continues to climb so there are still wins to be had if you have spares, well, spare. On the manufacturer side of things we have heard stories of almost 3 year lead times being applied to some Shimano components!

The crisis and global demand for stuff has driven up the cost of freight. A shipping container that once would have cost a few hundred dollars to fill and ship to the other side of the world is now commanding prices of up to $20,000, which is adding to the supply crisis by increasing the end consumer price to boot. It’s all a bit of a mess really.

But there is some good news. We’ve heard from one of our sources that Boardman Bikes are about to fill their website with stock of the rather excellent Boardman MTR 9.0 at 12pm today (Wednesday 15th September). If you have been waiting patiently for stock to turn up then you may be well treating this like a ticket offering for Foo Fighters and expect stock to run out quickly.

boardman mtr 9.0
Boardman MTR 9.0

Our advice. Get over there and if you are looking for that new bike order it now while it’s in stock.

Boardman Bikes are exclusively sold in the UK by Halfords and Tredz. Click the links below to go check out their stock.

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  • Boardman Bikes – Long Wait For Bikes Ends Today
  • Premier Icon howsyourdad1
    Full Member

    reminds me of Lynn telling Alan to downsize and drive a mini metro. My inner snob says no

    Premier Icon snotrag
    Full Member

    Mine did for a long time but I fondly remember my (2017?) FS Pro for which I paid only £1000 and had Pikes GX 1×11, Guide brakes, and was genuinely a really good bike.

    Premier Icon Adam
    Full Member

    It might be the best bike the world, but look at it.🤢

    Premier Icon ditch_jockey
    Full Member

    Looks like an old SC Nomad, or one of the longer travel Whytes.

    Premier Icon agis2012
    Free Member

    Its gopping. Shame as good value.

    Premier Icon idlejon
    Full Member

    Isn’t the article just an advert for Halfords? Will there be similar adverts for other big bike shops who have a few bikes in stock? 😀

    Premier Icon ayjaydoubleyou
    Free Member

    It might be the best bike the world, but look at it.🤢

    better than contemporary Whytes, GTs, most Cannondales to my eyes at least.

    Premier Icon feed
    Full Member

    Beauty in the eye of the……..

    I think it looks amazing.

    Premier Icon stacee jaxx
    Free Member

    Mine did for a long time but I fondly remember my (2017?) FS Pro for which I paid only £1000 and had Pikes GX 1×11, Guide brakes, and was genuinely a really good bike

    Still got mine. Been a great bike. Not sure what I’d ‘upgrade’ to next tho.

    Premier Icon blitz
    Full Member

    That FS Pro with the Pikes has surely got to have a strong shout for the best bang for buck bike of all time? My mate still rides his and has been all over with it.

    Not keen on the looks of this model though but still good VFM in the current climate.

    Premier Icon zerocool
    Full Member

    Did the curve all the tubes just to fit a bottle in the front triangle? It would look better with a straight top and down tube

    Premier Icon idlejon
    Full Member

    It would look better with a straight top and down tube

    That would be the previous model – they curved the tubes a few years ago. Of course, if they straightened the tubes it would look even more old fashioned, because all you’re looking at is a standard 4 bar suspension design.

    Premier Icon zerocool
    Full Member

    No one said that old fashioned looked bad. Change for the sake of change is silly. But then I guess they need to show that it’s different and that they can hydroform now.
    It just sees strange that they’ve bowed the TT upwards. As said above it looks like MK1 Nomad which also looks dated.

    Premier Icon DB
    Free Member

    If you take off the tanwalls I think it looks fine, good value too.

    Premier Icon uwe-r
    Free Member

    I like tan walls – all bikes look better with tan walls to me.

    Premier Icon Oblongbob
    Full Member

    I like Boardman generally (I have a boardman road bike and it’s been great) but I agree that it looks terrible. Not entirely sure why, but the front half is just wrong. I say this as someone with a Whyte s150 which I think looks nice, so maybe I should be disqualified.

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