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… Amflow PL, SRAM T-Type expansion, SRAM DB8 brakes, Giant Revolt, TRP x Bosch E-Shift system, Manitou R8 fork and Mara shock, Orbea Rise Alloy, Schwalbe Clik Valve and Fizik One-To-One saddle tech.

A big bunch of New Stuff that launched this week.

Merida press release:


For as long as we can remember, hardtails have been the backbone of MERIDA. While full suspension, road bikes and e-bikes have seen massive growth over the years, in many countries, the hardtail is still the dominant style of bike and, for many, the first step into the exciting world of off-road riding. Starting with the then standard 26″ wheels, over time, our hardtails have grown to include 29″ and 650b wheels. While the bigger wheels and updated geometries made them more versatile and trail-friendly, it was not until 2016 that the first true ‘trail-focused’ trail hardtail, the BIG.TRAIL entered the MERIDA world.

Originally rolling on the then-popular 650b Plus wheels and featuring slacker and more trail-focused geometries and specification choices, the latest generation hits the trails on 29er wheels, with 140 mm of fork travel and progressive hardtail geometry.Loved by the international cycling press and hardtail riders alike, the BIG.TRAIL has made a name for itself and enjoyed great popularity in every market where it is available.

However, similar to our short-travel full-suspension bikes, riders are looking to tackle even more challenging trails on their trail hardtails. They want the latest features and technologies, as well as the ability to upsize or downsize to suit their preferred riding style. All these aspects have been taken into account in the new version of one of our most popular hardtails of recent years – welcome to the new BIG.TRAIL II.


Most cables, including gear, rear brake and dropper post cables, enter the frame through a specifically designed 2-piece headset cover, creating a clutter-free cockpit and reducing cable rattle. The proven WIRE PORT system can be found on the majority of road, mountain, gravel and full-suspension bikes. The ACROS parts of the WIRE PORT system offer impressive longevity due to their sophisticated seals and allow for quick and easy bearing replacement and cable maintenance when the time comes.


We have added the TRAIL MOUNT to our BIG.TRAIL frames to allow you to mount additional tools and spares on your bike. It provides an additional mounting point under the top tube.


By now a standard on modern mountain bikes, the SRAM UDH hanger is easily available, aids shifting and is ready to work with the latest SRAM drivetrains.

Tyre clearance

BIG.TRAIL frames offer tyre clearance for up to 2.4″ wide trail and enduro tyres, providing plenty of grip, traction and comfort – key elements for a trail hardtail that seeks out challenging tracks and trails.

Brake mount and axle standard

The BIG.TRAIL range comes standard with 148×12 mm Boost and 180 mm Post Mount direct rear brakes which sit well protected inside the rear triangle.

Rider protection

For additional frame and rider protection, the optional long rear fender, as seen on the ONE-SIXTY, can be fitted to the wishbone section of the rear triangle.

Moulded 2-component chain stay protector

Trail hardtails are particularly sensitive to chain slap on rough trails. As a result, riding on a demanding trail can be a noisy affair. To further reduce the noise of our BIG.TRAIL and make it one of the quietest trail hardtails on the market, we have gone the extra mile and, while keeping the overall price of the bike in mind, developed an elaborate but highly effective chainstay protector. It is made from two materials: a hard plastic that gives it the shape and rigidity to fit to the chainstay without glueing, and a soft plastic on the outside for more damping when the chain hits. In addition to the soft outer material, we have added air pockets to further increase the perfect sound-deadening abilities. The rear part of the chainstay protector also protects the tube from shoe rubbing, which can happen to riders with larger feet, especially when using flat pedals.

Build in versatility

While our BIG.TRAIL is clearly at home on tracks and trails, we also understand that some of its fans may use the bike for more everyday purposes, such as commuting to school or work. With this in mind, our BIG.TRAIL still features hidden fixing points for fenders, a rear rack and even a kickstand.


Steep seat angle: 76.5°

Slack head tube angle: 64°

Long reach for stability (455 mm in size Mid), short chainstays to keep the bike agile, and a steep seat angle so that the front end is planted when climbing, yet the top tube doesn’t feel too long when pedalling on the flat.


Hutchinson press release:

Hutchinson Announces First Eco-Tyre: The Touareg Green

Brands leading gravel tyre relaunched with new eco-design.

Performance levels and price unchanged to encourage customers to switch to more sustainable alternative

90% of casing compound and 64% of tread compound now recycled or bio-sourced

Tyre is made in France and utilises EU sourced recycled carbon black

French tubeless tyre pioneer Hutchinson has today announced its first eco-tyre, the Touareg Green, an updated version of its popular Touareg gravel tyre.

In development since 2019, the Touareg Green is the culmination of years of research aimed at creating a tyre that incorporates as much recycled and bio-sourced materials as possible without compromising on performance or affordability.

Hutchinson’s goal with the Touareg Green was not to produce a showcase tyre with a high percentage of eco-materials at the expense of performance or cost-effectiveness. Instead, their aim was to develop a practical, high-performance tyre that could stand alongside the other top-tier products in Hutchinson’s lineup.

The project focused on two key objectives: maintaining equivalent performance and price. The Hutchinson team found that while possible, a tyre made of 99% ‘green’ materials today would sacrifice performance and increase costs, creating a tyre that would fail to meet their high standards and rider expectations. This however is Hutchinson’s long-term goal

Going about the development from the ground up, the brand has achieved the objectives set out through two newly developed compounds in the Touareg Green. The first is the new revea®R Casing, composed of 90% recycled or bio-sourced materials. Second is revea®R Tread, specifically designed for the challenging demands of gravel riding, made from 64% recycled or bio-sourced materials.

The resulting tyres performance is on a par with the standard 700×40 Black Touareg, with the following significant improvements in sustainability:

The proportion of sustainable materials used throughout the tyre has risen to 57% from 15%

Compounds used in the tyre consist of 76% recycled or bio-sourced materials

The Carbon Black (a key ingredient of all tyres, used as a filler to increase stiffness and durability) is entirely recycled and sourced from Europe

These claims have been verified using in-depth Life Cycle Analysis across the tyre’s entire production process. With each ingredient and process individually assessed for its environmental impact and a more sustainable alternative sought. Where possible these have been sourced locally.

The Touareg Green will be made available to all Hutchinson distributors and retailers for the same price as the standard Touareg (€49.99/£45.99) and will feature new cardboard packaging.

Hutchinson’s Sustainability Commitments

Hutchinson Cycling and its parent company are committed to improving their sustainability credentials and doing so in a regulated, measurable manner. To do so they are introducing a new labelling standard for eco products called Hutchinson ‘resolutions®’. All products with this label will have gone through in-depth Life Cycle Analysis to ISO standards.

Hutchinson resolutions® products combine environmental responsibility and performance, and are based on three pillars; CO2 reduction, weight savings and use of recycled/bio-based materials. The method includes the assessment of the environmental impact of the product on these three pillars as well as a more global analysis of the entire environmental footprint.


DJI press release:

DJI Revolutionizes Electric Mountain Bike Performance with Launch of Avinox Drive System

Unleashing Unparalleled Power and Intelligence with new bike Brand Amflow

DJI, the global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technology, today unveiled the Avinox Drive System, a groundbreaking e-bike drive system poised to redefine the electric mountain bike (eMTB) experience. The Avinox system, making its debut at Eurobike 2024, is another milestone of DJI’s renowned technological advancement, offering riders unparalleled power, endurance and intelligent features.

“DJI’s legacy of passion for innovation, as well as our expertise in battery and motor technology accumulated in drones and camera stabilization systems, have led us to the creation of Avinox. It is a natural move for DJI to expand into this field as we have been mastering the technologies essential to an electric bike system, in terms of reliable motor development, battery management, mechanical design and engineering. This powerful and compact e-bike drive system embodies our pursuit of technological excellence and opens up exciting new possibilities for DJI as a leading tech brand in the outdoor realm. We are thrilled to come with a new proposition where we expect our expertise can bring enhanced experience to the users.” said Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI.

Unmatched Power and Precision

At the heart of the Avinox Drive System is a compact, high-torque drive unit that weighs merely 2.52 kg1 yet delivers an impressive 105 N·m of torque1. This lightweight powerhouse ensures riders have the power they need to conquer even the most challenging terrains. The system’s innovative compound planetary gearset and high-performance polymer gears contribute to its exceptional balance of size, weight, and power output, while also ensuring a remarkably quiet ride.


Intelligent Assistance for Every Ride

Avinox features DJI’s Smart-Assist Algorithm, which leverages multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance. Riders can also choose from four standard riding assist modes – Auto, Eco, Trail, and Turbo – or activate Boost mode for an extra surge of power when needed. Designed for broad adaptability and long-range use, the Auto mode utilizes multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance. The Avinox app allows for further customization of assist levels and parameters, ensuring a personalized riding experience. 


Extended Range and Rapid Charging

The Avinox system offers two lightweight, high-energy density battery options – 600Wh and 800Wh – providing ample range for extended adventures. Utilizing GaN 3x fast charging1 technology, the 800Wh battery can be charged from 0% to 75% charge1 in just 1.5 hours1.

Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Safety with Avinox App

Avinox boasts a 2-inch OLED full-color control built-in touchscreen display that serves as the interactive hub of the system. Riders can connect their smartphones via the Avinox app to access a range of smart features, including bike security, data recording and sharing, assist parameter adjustments, and real-time bike status checking. The system also includes innovative dual Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience and a clutter-free handlebar setup.

Amflow PL: World’s First All-Around Electric Assist Mountain Bike Equipped with DJI Avinox

The Amflow PL is the world’s first all-around electric mountain bike equipped with the DJI Avinox e-bike drive system. It boasts a super light-weight, yet surpasses full-power bikes in terms of power output and range. The integrated DJI Avinox electric power assist system leverages DJI’s cutting-edge technologies in both software and hardware design, offering 850 W of peak power (250 W nominal power) in an ultra-light body of 19.2kg1. By achieving an unmatched combination of power, range and perfo

Amflow press release:

New Electric Mountain Bike Player Amflow Enters Market, unveiling its Revolutionary First Bike powered by DJI Avinox

Passionate Bikers and Tech Experts unite to combine a powerful and compact e-bike system into an ultra-light build, the Amflow PL

Amflow, the eMTB expert that builds e-bikes from heart to body, today marks its entry into the industry with the launch of the Amflow PL. Providing a significantly robust 850 W of peak power and weighing in at an industry leading level of ultra-light 19.2kg1, the Amflow PL provides riders with an unmatched combination of power, range, and performance, hidden in a sleek electric mountain bike appearance. 

“As engineers with a passion for mountain biking, we have seen a lot of tech innovation that has never found its way into the eMTB scene,” said Peter Archer, Amflow Senior Product Specialist at Amflow. “We have married our tech expertise with our passion and today we’re introducing Amflow to the mountain biking community with our very first product, the Amflow PL. We believe this is a significant moment for the eMTB industry with innovative technology and ultra-light material combining to turn any terrain into a wonderland of possibilities for eMTB riders.”

Ultra-light Frame, Organic Design

The Amflow PL is a full-power eMTB with a stunningly lightweight body. The ultra-light carbon fibre frame weighs just 2.27kg1 and has been designed and expertly-crafted to deliver the ultimate ride, wherever the rider is headed.

Tackle Terrain with Confidence

At the heart of the Amflow PL is the DJI Avinox Drive System incorporating multiple cutting-edge technologies in both software and hardware design. The drive unit features a compound planetary gearset, providing industry-leading power-to-size ratio, with 105 Nm torque and peak power output of 850 W (nominal power output of 250 W) from a drive unit weighing just 2.52kg.

The high-strength polymer gears inside the drive unit effectively suppress noise during high-speed gearbox operation. With multiple high-precision sensors built-in, combined with DJI’s advanced algorithms, it provides a strong and smooth assistance experience across a wide range of scenarios and conditions.

Preference Matching Assistance

In addition to traditional assistance modes, the DJI Avinox Drive System also features a specialized Auto mode, which adapts assistance in real-time based on road conditions and riding position1.  Once enabled, Auto mode empowers users to tackle a wide variety of terrain types and gradients without having to switch modes.

For the most challenging trails, Boost mode can be activated to instantly receive 120 Nm of torque and 1000 W high-power assistance1, enabling steep inclines to be tackled with ease.

Furthermore, Amflow PL has Walk mode which features intelligent walk assistance for easy incline traversing, Auto Hold to prevent rollback on slopes, and Hill Start Assist for additional torque to get riders started on inclines. It also allows stationary gear-shifting for a smooth and intuitive experience.

Fast Charging, High-Capacity Battery Offers Extended Range

The Avinox system’s battery weighs just 2.87kg1 and boasts an ultra-high energy density, ensuring an uncompromised range.

For those wanting to get back out there as soon as possible, a compact and convenient 12A/508W GaN fast charger1 is capable of charging the battery from 0% to 75% in just 1.5 hours1.

When it comes to battery life; real-time monitoring, self-discharge, active voltage reduction, and abnormality alerts, all feed into the battery health management system to create a durable and reliable battery that still maintains at least 80% capacity after 500 charge-discharge cycles1.

Agile and Responsive with Cutting-edge Geometry

The Amflow PL’s all-around frame design features cutting-edge geometry, offering balanced performance that’s both lightweight and hyper-agile. This stable yet agile handling empowers riders to easily take on rugged trails and more technical rides.

For those looking to adapt the wheel size to their needs, the Amflow PL frame structure is compatible with both 27.5” and 29” rear wheels1. So, whether looking for a smoother ride with larger wheels or agility with smaller ones, a simple adjustment of the flip chip will allow for either size to be fitted without altering the frame’s geometric center of gravity.

Optimized Ride Efficiency

Featuring a four-bar linkage structure, the Amflow PL significantly reduces pedal kickback while greatly improving pedaling efficiency, ensuring that every pedal stroke counts.

Superior Suspension

The rear shock, co-tuned with FOX, offers a sensitive initial stroke response to effectively filter out minor vibrations. It also provides powerful end-stroke support to prevent bottom-outs during continuous high-speed impacts or steep descents, enabling riders to fully enjoy every off-road adventure.

Danny Tien, Asia Sales Manager at FOX said: “FOX has always been dedicated to pursuing better, which mirrors Amflow’s passion to create the ultimate riding experience. During our collaboration process, we were impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Amflow team. Whether as a business partner or an experienced bike user, we are excited to witness the birth of Amflow PL, an all-round electric mountain bike. The excellent handling experience brought by its ultra-lightweight and cutting-edge design cements our belief that the presence of Amflow will allow more cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of electric mountain biking.”

Control at Your Fingertips

At the core of the DJI Avinox system is a 2” full-color OLED touchscreen control display which is integrated directly into the frame of the Amflow PL. Riders are presented with a wealth of information including real-time riding data, estimated range and the ability to adjust the setup with just a swipe.

Even greater control can be gained by Bluetooth-enabled Wireless Controllers that connect wirelessly to the control display. Mode switches can be made while riding.

When connected to the Avinox App riders have access to;

  • Customizable Parameters: Parameters of riding modes can be quickly customized to adjust power, torque and cadence, according to riding habits.
  • Anti-theft Mode1: A password-protected anti-theft mode will sound an alarm and the app will send a notification, if unauthorized movement of the eMTB is detected.
  • Remote Locating: The bike’s real-time location can easily be checked.

  • Comprehensive Data Recording, Easy Metric Sharing

With the control display or the Avinox app, riders can review rich data like speeds, range, cadence, power, torque, gradient, altitude, calories burned, ride times, heart rate, and more. This data can also be easily synced with third-party apps such as Strava to share with friends and the eMTB community.

Thoroughly Tested for Optimum Reliability

Riders of the Amflow PL bike and users of the DJI Avinox Drive System components can be assured of the quality of the products as they have been certified by authoritative organizations such as TÜV SÜD, UL Solutions, and TÜV Rheinland1.

Additionally, Amflow has established a testing platform to conduct a wide variety of reliability tests for frame strength, waterproofing, and long-distance transportation under real-world riding conditions. This ensures product stability and safety in extreme environments, delivering comprehensive quality assurance.


Amflow bikes, Amflow PL Carbon (800Wh), Amflow PL Carbon Pro (600Wh), Amflow PL Carbon Pro (800Wh) are estimated to be available by Q4 2024 through authorized dealers in Germany, the UK and Australia amongst others. This global service network provides customers with timely, efficient, and professional services, continuously safeguarding product quality.


SRAM press release:

SRAM Eagle Transmission Ecosystem Expansion

  • XS-1270 Eagle Transmission cassette
  • SRAM S-1000 Eagle Transmission derailleur
  • SRAM S-1000 Eagle Transmission crankset
  • SRAM S-1000 Eagle Transmission E-MTB crankset

Eagle Transmission is the realization of the dream to fundamentally change the way we shift and ride a mountain bike. It radically simplifies, strengthens, and extends lifespan to new limits. It uses no derailleur hanger or adjustment screws and lets you shift flawlessly under maximum power. And now with the introduction of new T-Type components to the Eagle Transmission Ecosystem, it delivers the dream to even more riders.

We are introducing a range of new Eagle Transmission components that are fully compatible with existing T-Type parts.

Please note, that the S-1000 parts are only available on complete bikes and will not be available in the aftermarket. The replacement cogs for the XS-1270 are available aftermarket from the launch date. We are currently working on an aftermarket availability of the full cassette – soon to be announced.

DB8 Stealth

DB8 is our simple, robust, and powerful brake for riders who prefer to set and forget. The low maintenance Mineral Oil system uses proven lever technologies and features easy adjustment access and superior ergonomic comfort. The new stealth lever body design brings the hose parallel to the bar, allowing for a sleeker, more modern ride. Code-like power is no surprise, as DB8 utilizes similar caliper architecture and existing brake pads.


Giant press release:


New gravel bike range features internal cable routing and an integrated storage solution for improved speed and versatility

Giant, the world leader in cycling technology, has introduced the newest generation of its Revolt composite-framed gravel bikes, the Revolt Advanced Pro and Revolt Advanced. Both series are built on reengineered framesets that balance race-winning speed and efficiency with Revolt’s characteristic compliance and control.

The framesets are complemented by purpose-built components including handlebars, saddles and WheelSystems developed specifically for gravel riding and racing. Both also feature new innovations such as internally routed cables and an easy access storage compartment inside the down tube to carry tools, snacks and other essentials.

The new range was developed with input from Giant gravel racing pros. American Cole Paton and Australian Brendan Johnston, both top contenders in the Life Time Grand Prix series, trained and raced with prototype models at key events earlier this year. In June, Johnston rode his pre-production Revolt Advanced Pro to a strong finish at Unbound Gravel 200, one of the most prestigious and competitive gravel events in the world.


A quick and simple adjustment on Revolt gravel bikes lets you fine tune your bike for the way you ride. A two-position flip chip located on the rear dropout changes the wheelbase, along with rear-wheel tire clearance, so you can get the best performance out of the bike depending on the terrain and your riding style. This integrated system consists of eccentric, offset hardware that can be easily loosened, removed and flipped to the long or short setting using common tools.

A shorter wheelbase results in a quicker, more agile ride quality. This is a great option for mixed terrain that combines paved roads with smooth, fast gravel and dirt. The responsive feel, combined with smaller diameter (and lighter weight) tires, makes it a smart choice when speed, efficiency and quick handling matter most.

The long position extends the wheelbase, which adds stability for more rugged gravel and dirt. And with added rear tire clearance (up to 53mm), it allows you to choose high-volume tires for added traction and control. The long position is a great choice for rides and routes that include fast, rugged descents and tricky off-road climbs.


Dropped seatstays with small-diameter tubing absorb road shocks and vibrations on all types of gravel without sacrificing stiffness while cornering, sprinting or climbing. Each model also comes with the latest Contact D-Fuse carbon handlebars and D-Fuse seatposts to help smooth out rough tracks, improving control and minimizing fatigue over long distances.

The D-Fuse seatpost features a D-shaped composite shaft that absorbs shocks and vibration, producing a smooth ride quality to help minimize fatigue. D-Fuse handlebars are made with D-shaped tubing that’s similar to the design of the D-Fuse seatpost, featuring lightweight construction while offering outstanding vertical compliance compared to round shaped handlebars for a smoother ride quality.

Riders can choose the included D-Fuse seatpost for maximum compliance or switch to a standard 30.9mm round seatpost or dropper post.


Internally routed cables offer clean, uncluttered cockpit aesthetics and improved aero performance. An easily accessed storage compartment inside the down tube lets you securely carry tools, snacks and other essentials. Additional integrated mounts on the top tube, fork and rear dropout make it easy to modify with additional packs or fenders.


Fazua press release:

FAZUA RIDE 60 product news 2025: second battery and new MODE CONTROL planned

FAZUA is entering the race from 2025 with a new battery option: the permanently installed FAZUA Energy 480 delivers even more riding fun

The FAZUA MODE CONTROL is specially designed for use on E-MTBs and offers a new activation of the boost function for difficult passages

FAZUA is presenting two innovations for the FAZUA RIDE 60 at Eurobike in Frankfurt. From 2025, brand partners will have the choice of two battery options. The drive manufacturer from Ottobrunn near Munich is also presenting a new MODE CONTROL especially for sporty applications.

Unlimited riding fun with two different battery options

Developing a battery is Tetris for professionals. It’s about combining the right number of lithium cells for a long range and the smart battery management system in the most compact housing possible. To give manufacturers more flexibility in the design of their e-bikes, FAZUA will offer them a choice of two battery options from 2025. The well-known FAZUA Energy 430 battery provides the rider with 430 watt hours of capacity and can either be charged on the chassis or removed.

The permanently installed FAZUA Energy 480 battery is new: thanks to innovative cell technology, it provides even more range. With an identical design and a weight of 2.2 kilograms, the new generation of battery cells provides 50 watt hours more capacity. This corresponds to an increase in range of up to ten percent. The battery is permanently installed in the down tube and is charged directly on the bike via the charging socket. Riders with existing bikes can have the battery retrofitted at the dealer as soon as it is available.

New FAZUA MODE CONTROL for full concentration on the trail

In addition to the tried-and-tested FAZUA RING CONTROL, FAZUA now also offers an alternative control element: the FAZUA MODE CONTROL. It also bundles a variety of functions in a user-friendly remote that is easy to operate and can be optimally integrated alongside other components on the handlebars. Riders can easily switch between different riding modes with their thumb over the rocker lever. Clever additional feature: the boost function can be activated simply by pressing a button. This means that the rider immediately has more power available on demanding passages. This keeps the focus exactly where it belongs – on the trail.

The design and robustness of the FAZUA MODE CONTROL are specially designed for sporty mountain biking and reliably protect the inner workings from water, mud and dust. As part of the FAZUA RIDE 60 product family, the MODE CONTROL is compatible with the FAZUA LED HUB. The innovative control unit takes the riding experience to a new level and can also be retrofitted to bikes with the FAZUA RIDE 60 system.


Manitou press release:


From the first suspension solutions to grace a mountainbike to the sophisticated forks and shocks of present day, Manitou has played an integral role in the evolution of our beloved off-road sport. Having already developed some of the most versatile, reliable and performance-oriented suspension systems for the increasingly wide range of disciplines, Manitou set its sights on developing the most competitive and complete cross-country fork available. Creating the world’s best XC racing suspension could only be done with feedback from the world’s most severe testing ground.

Lightweight, stiff, versatile, unparalleled tunability and reliable, the newest fork from the #scienceofsmooth experts excels in all areas that are crucial to a better, dependable, and race-winning performance. An elite XC fork, built to be ridden harder and perform better than anything else in its class, the R8 addresses each and every need of even the most demanding xc athlete.




Those of us who have followed the MTB movement from its earliest years can recall how Manitou lead the charge on the application of front suspension for mountain bikes. Having done a great deal of work smoothing out the leading edge of the Mountainbike the brand of the dark red M also pioneered the concept of a softer trailing end as it brought about some of the industry’s first iterations of rear suspension.

For over 20 years Manitou has innovated solutions to create a complete #scienceofsmooth platform, beginning with the FS and continuously innovating newer, more sophisticated and higher performance products. The FS gave way to the Bazooka, the Swinger, the McLeod and finally the current day Mara which utilizes not only the most sophisticated materials in its construction but incorporates independent circuits/oil paths for compression, rebound and platform. The Mara era of shocks, characterized by separate circuits that eliminate cross contamination, represents a unique solution in the market for absolute clean tuning.

In following Manitou’s continuous quest for a better, smoother, higher-performance experience in the saddle the Mara line of rear suspension has been even further optimized and innovated into an all-new performance solution. Maintaining the independent oil flow path core design yet incorporating an completely new air can, new piston geometry and a revised piggyback reservoir make for amazing advancements in a fresher, wider range of rear suspension offerings under the Mara name.


TRP press release:




  • E – for eBike: The freedom of electric mobility
  • A -for Automatic: Intelligent automation for the perfect gear
  • S – for Shifting: Precise shifting that adapts to your riding dynamics
  • I – for Integration: Seamless integration into the Bosch system

The TRP x Bosch E-Shift system integrates premium TEKTRO/TRP hardware with Bosch‘s advanced software. This system automatically adjusts shifting to match your cadence, load, and speed. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to manually override and customise your cadence for optimal performance.

The sleek design of the TRP E.A.S.I. A12 seamlessly integrates with the Bosch system, providing a harmonious aesthetic for your bike. The collaboration between Bosch and TRP results in both visual and technological unity. Riders have the choice between manual and automatic shifting, with the preferred cadence easily set via the eBike Flow app or display. The wireless gear shifting, powered by CMD (COMMAND) technology, along with the self-regulating rear derailleur, ensures an unparalleled riding experience. CMD technology swiftly and securely transmits commands, making each ride truly unforgettable.

Thanks to intelligent load distribution, the rider will benefit from longer component service life and less frequent maintenance. The cooperative service concept from TRP and Bosch guarantees swift and efficient support whenever needed.


  • Automatic Shifting
  • Precisely synchronized gear changes, whether in manual or automatic mode
  • Auto-Downshift Roll Shift
  • harmony in the gear changes remains
  • Flexibility
  • Set your own pace. Whether manual, automatic, smooth, or sporty driving
  • Easy going
  • No longer worry about gear changes and concentrate fully on your ride
  • Integrated in the smart system from Bosch
  • Maximum system efficiency thanks to full integration in the smart system from Bosch


Orbea press release:

The same Rise experience, now in alloy

Orbea completes the Rise range with new models that elevate the riding experience through superior handling

Rise M20 and the alloy version of the iconic platform are ready to win the hearts of trail lovers.

When Orbea launched Rise back in 2020 it shook up the world of e-bikes. They didn’t invent the lightweight eMTB category, Rise just changed the perception of what these bikes could do. Rise offered a level of integration, performance and range that helped shape the lightweight ebike category.

Rise gave Orbea a headstart in the lightweight ebike category, but they didn’t rest. Even as they launched the first Rise, they were already working on the future. They built a dedicated team of electronic engineers who pushed batteries and communications to the limit while the mechanical design team were working on frames and testing with their OOlab team. The result? The best just got better.

What’s the big news?

Orbea introduces five new models to complete the Rise family. Three of the new models are alloy, with a new mounting option for the SL version and two for the LT. Additionally, a fourth carbon model is available in SL and LT: the M20. The H30 model remains an option in the current range. With these additions, the full Rise experience now offers an even wider range of possibilities.

The all-new alloy frames are built with the highest quality techniques and material available. They feature triple butted alloy, hydroforming and polished welds, providing greater performance and aesthetics nearly identical to their carbon counterparts. This ensures the incomparable handling of the new Rise, along with optimal stiffness.

Notable technologies such as Orbea’s new RS Gen 2 MC firmware for the Shimano EP motor, Steep’N’Deep, Attitude Adjust and FLP tool compatibility are now more accessible than ever with these new features.


Schwalbe press release:

Valve revolution: New Schwalbe CLIK VALVE makes inflating child’s play

New SCV valve to become the new industry standard in the medium term

There have always been new pump heads, but nobody has dared to tackle the root of many problems for over a hundred years: Schwalbe is now presenting a revolution for bicycle val- ves with the SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE (SCV). In contrast to Presta, Dunlop or Schrader valves, inflating bicycle tires is finally child‘s play thanks to an intuitive click system. And in the truest sense of the word, because John Quintana‘s aim when he invented the system was for his children to be able to inflate their own bicycle tires. He was annoyed by the fact that it was simply too complicated for them with the “old” valves (both technically and for reasons of space on the children‘s bike).

Quintana tried out prototypes of the click system with his chil- dren, who became enthusiastic testers. The new Schwalbe CLIK VALVE is set to become the new industry standard in the medium term. The associated pump head can be clicked onto the valve with little force and removed again very easily after successful inflating – handling couldn‘t be easier. The entire operation is possible with just two fingers.

There is no longer any risk of air loss, and signs of wear on the pump head are a thing of the past. This is because the function of the pump head remains constant (with other pumps it deterio- rates with time/use). For tubeless use, the Schwalbe CLIK VALVE offers another huge additional advantage, as the air flow rate is 50% higher compared to the previously used SV valve.

As a first step, Schwalbe offers conversion kits for all existing valves and most pumps. All you have to do is replace the valve insert (Sclaverand, Dunlop, tubeless valve) and there is an adapter for car type valves. This must be screwed over the valve and can also be unscrewed again – so it is still possible to fill the tire with air at petrol stations.

The pump head adapter can be integrated into the pump head of current pumps (by clamping or screwing it in), which also applies to hand pumps. The SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE can also be inflated with normal SV pumps – so thanks to this reverse compatibility, you are never at a loss in any situation. The conversion kit includes the pump head adapter or pump head (depending on your choice) as well as a newly designed dust cap. As a leading manufacturer of bicycle accessories, SKS will already be offering its own pump at Eurobike. Other pump manufacturers will follow.

Schwalbe will soon be producing its first tubes with the new SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE.

How exactly does the conversion work?

At the valve:
SV+DV: Simply unscrew the current valve insert (tool for SV is included) and screw in the SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE by hand, and the valve is ready.

AV: The adapter for the SCHWALBE CLIK VALVE can sim- ply be screwed onto the car valve.

On the pump:
Simply integrate the adapter into the AV pump head (clamp or screw in). The pump is then ready to “CLIK”.


Fizik ‘One-To-One’ Saddles:

Fizik has launched its new ‘One-To-One’ customised saddle programme

Starting at just a select few shops worldwide, you head in for a fitting – riding on saddle covered with sensors to figure out where your own (very personal) contact points are. Readings are taken in different positions for drop bar bikes, to take into account different ride positions, and an algorithm analyses the date to determine exactly where you need your saddle to be firmer – or not. They then print you a personalised saddle. If you want to check that it’s improved your saddle fit, you can take it back and pedal with the sensors fitted to your new saddle. You should find an improvement in peak pressure, left/right balance, and loaded area – and if this doesn’t meet certain thresholds, they’ll re-do the test and print you a free new one.

Personalised saddles cost around €200 more than the standard Fizik Adaptive range, meaning you’ll be looking at around €499 for the perfect personalised perch. It takes 2-3 weeks to print and deliver your saddle. With no crash replacement scheme, and discounts only on multiple saddles ordered at the time of the initial purchase, this seems like something that’s more likely to appeal to the drop bar market where long seated periods are common.

However, all the development work that’s gone into mapping and working on the algorithm has also given Fizik more information about how its standard saddles should be constructed. So us mortals can benefit from the pampered nethers of the pros and deep of pocket.


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  • NBD: Merida Big Trail, Hutchinson Eco Tyre, DJI ebike motor…
  • vmgscot
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    There’s some good ol’ fashioned B/S in the description/sales pitch for the Merida “WIRE PORT”.


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    Ooh, I’d love a custom saddle. Wonder whether that will filter down from the ‘cost of a whole bike’ to the merely ‘extortionate’ end of the market.

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