2023 New Raleigh Chopper: Iconic Bike Relaunched!

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British bike manufacturer Raleigh today announce the return of the legendary 70’s classic, the Raleigh Chopper. This piece of nostalgia has been in demand for years, so we expect them to sell well at £950...

Press release continues:

new raleigh chopper

Everyone remembers their first Raleigh but perhaps none more passionately than those with memories of the 70s and beyond, with their Raleigh Chopper. It was the bike to have,  one full of character, the likes of which had never been seen before – or since. 

With original MK2 Choppers still selling for a fortune at auctions today, Raleigh brand fans have been demanding a new Chopper from the Nottinghamshire-based bicycle company for decades. After four years of meticulous research and product development, Raleigh is ready to deliver. 

new raleigh chopper

Though bringing the bike into ‘23 has legally required a few minor tweaks, the new Chopper is as close to the original as possible. You’ll still find the one-piece saddle, mid-frame gear shifter, and (slightly lowered) sissy bar. 

Raleigh has seen much success from heritage remakes in recent years, thanks to its painstaking attention to detail. This project was no different, with 3D modelling of original MK2 bikes to produce CAD designs for the new frame, many hours spent agonising over the details that make this new bike special, the decals, the CNC head tube, working sprung one piece saddle, one-piece handlebar and stem, as well as the (UK-made) working 3 speed shifter unit.

The Raleigh Chopper is the most iconic bike Raleigh has ever made, arguably the most iconic bike in British history. Selling millions of units worldwide during the 70’s; the Chopper cemented its place in British culture and to this day evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the era. 

This new model is as close as we could get to the original Mk2 released in 1972, while still meeting today’s required standards. The Chopper is still seen by the Raleigh team as the jewel in the brand’s crown. A legacy to be admired, protected, and never forgotten.

Lee Kidger, Managing Director at Raleigh
new raleigh chopper
This isn’t like Mini relaunching the Cooper. It’s hard to spot the differences from the original Chopper!
new raleigh chopper
Is this the ultimate pub bike?

The limited edition Chopper will be launched in the two original colours; infrared and ultraviolet, available to purchase online from raleigh.co.uk/gb/en on 20th June at 12 PM. A range of compatible spares will be available, with most being back compatible with the different Chopper models.

2023 Raleigh Chopper Specification

  • Frame Type:  High
  • Frame Material: Cr-Mo Steel
  • Fork Type: Raleigh Chopper
  • Handlebars: Raleigh Chopper Steel High Rise Handlebar 580mm
  • Stem: Steel Stem Integrated Handlebars
  • Brake Type: Caliper
  • Gears: 3
  • Rear Shifter: Raleigh/Sturmey 3 Speed Gear Shifter
  • Gear Type: Hub Gear
  • (Front wheel) Size: 37cm
  • Colours: Infra Red / Ultra Violet
  • Bike Weight: 18.4kg
  • RRP: £950
  • From: Raleigh
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  • 2023 New Raleigh Chopper: Iconic Bike Relaunched!
  • chipps
    Full Member

    I do hope that the white strip on the saddle still says ‘This bicycle is not designed to carry passengers’ 🙂

    I bought a Mk2 for about £25 in 1993, before they were cool, but it got stolen from outside a pub in Bath… These look pretty good, though I wonder what the upper inseam length is for them? And how long until the e-Chopper launches, eh?

    Full Member

    I am really torn – a cracking bike from my childhood, but pretty sh*te at being a bike…

    I think that there are as cool bikes out there while also more practical.

    Full Member

    This is my mate Lou’s fully restored original Chopper. Her dad bought it her for her birthday as a kid in the 70’s and after she’d ridden it for years it was left to gather dust and slowly rust away in their shed over the decades.

    Unbeknown to her, her dad had taken it upon himself to strip it down, completely restore it to essentially brand new condition and he wheeled this absolutely pristine beauty into the pub as her present on her 50th birthday. Theres a lot of love gone into this. 🙂

    Free Member

    Lovely story that.

    I always fancied the girl next doors Chopper more than the girl herself 🤣

    I did love my Grifter though 💪

    Full Member

    BBC Breakfast this morning – a proper pisstake of a report: “boy’s toys” and all that nonsense. Quite pathetic piece of journalism I thought

    Free Member

    Anyone else remember them as being a bit of a death trap? I remember coming a cropper after building up some speed coming down a hill only for the front wheel to wobble wildly causing quite a spill.

    Certainly an iconic bike though.

    Full Member

    I lived/worked in Morocco for a few years – I was in the middle of absolutely nowhere driving past a few ‘houses’ when I saw a kid on an absolute mint Mk1 chopper. I tried buying it but my Berber/Arabic wasn’t good enough. Very few bike shops and rarely saw any decent bikes let alone a random 40+ year old chopper in good condition.

    Free Member

    Should rebrand them as gravel cruisers 😂

    Yeh, just caught that bit about them going on about them just been for blokes. Ironic that two of us here mentioned girls having them back then.

    Full Member

    I see they’ve kept the weight of the original as well – 40lbs. Chopper and Grifters (especially) were always “stout”

    Full Member

    £950! They’ll sell them all though, mainly to insufferable buffoons.

    Full Member

    Weren’t Grifters made out of leftover bits of railway bridges?

    £950! They’ll sell them all though, mainly to insufferable buffoons.

    I expect you’ll find them all in Hoxton and Shoreditch 😉

    Full Member

    Mine was a death-trap at speed (yep PJay, I remember that wobble), handled like a drunken cow but looked amazing. I loved my chopper. It was a Black Mk2 (T-bar shifter and wider handlebar), and had holographic decals. The chainguard even had a decal of an exhaust with flames coming out the back. God, I loved that bike. Couldn’t get it to wheelie even though I think that’s what it was primarily designed to do.

    My mum must have got me it around 1978-9?
    Still can’t wheelie even now (me not my Mum, I bet she’d have been an awesome wheelier)

    A grand seems a bit much though for something I would have a quick shot on, then shove to the back of the garage in terror. The memories though. Thanks for the article folks, it’s genuinely put a smile on my face this morning.

    C. xx

    Full Member

    I do wish Raleigh would move on from their desperate “look, we were really cool on the 70’s” throwback stuff and actually concentrate on making some half decent bikes.

    They’ve properly lost their way. It’s a microcosm of Britain encapsulated right there – look, we were cool and edgy and did some good stuff but now we’re a bit lost and don’t know where we stand in the world.

    That said, their e-cargo bikes are very good. 🙂

    Full Member

    I always fancied the girl next doors Chopper

    Snigger titter etc

    Free Member

    Tomahawks were where the real front wheel wobble was at.

    Full Member

    Ok, Lou’s Dad story has made my eyes wet.

    Full Member

    No mention of the remake (with twist shifter?) from a few years back?

    Full Member

    Stone me now. I’ve never got the love for the Chopper. Perhaps because I didn’t own one? Rode mates ones and each time was happy to get back on my own bike!

    Lou’s dad story in the feels though 🙂

    Full Member


    Very much this. I’m sure they do all right out of these nostalgia runs for people who want ornaments but I wonder if there is any realisation that because they produced a series of daft BSOs like the Chopper, vektar, etc. they contributed to the idea that bikes are kids toys and not serious grown up modes of transport?

    Full Member

    I was never a big fan of the Chopper except they were good for comedy backies with wheelies thrown in.

    I was a Grifter lad until the forks started to bend and the guy in the bike shop explained that I needed a BMX. The problem was the Grifter was brilliant at straight line distance jumps, the BMX was more agile but I could never get a chalk mark as far down the road 🙁

    Full Member

    Perfect example of fashion over function. My cousin lent me their’s BITD and I nearly couped the thing. I was used to a Puch Mini Sprint that actually went round corners. First corner on the Chopper and it washed out as there’s hee haw weight on the tiny front wheel. Clearly designed for wheelies and not much else. Weighed a ton too. Dreadful things, best avoided.

    Full Member

    Conversely I loved mine. Christmas present in 1971, Mk1 in blue. I went everywhere on it.

    Full Member

    Kids of the 70s didn’t give a shit about handling – wheelies and skids where the top priority!!!

    Longest skid and longest wheelies gave you bragging rights.

    We were rock ‘ard back then!! 🙂

    Full Member

    BBC Breakfast this morning – a proper pisstake of a report: “boy’s toys” and all that nonsense.

    they cost a grand and for an adult are about as practical as a humvee is for the schoolrun

    my mate had one & as jealous as I was my cheapo BMX was a better bike

    didnt see the report but ‘boys toys ‘ sounds about right

    Full Member

    @chipps – The battery could take the form of the saddle. Nice wee heated seat. What could go wrong?

    Full Member

    But what about the Chipper!?! Me and my brother had one of those before we got racers……

    Full Member

    No mention of the remake (with twist shifter?) from a few years back?

    That would be because they were shockingly bad. I remember grown men drooling over them in the bike shop I worked at when they announced them, we had a display one to gather rup pre-orders. Had a few who wanted them left in the box, unopened presumably as an investment. All I really remember of them though is that people were disappointed it had a twist shift rather than the ball-destroyer of the original and that the seat was a two-piece design. We had many issues with poor chrome flaking off and really poor quality paint on them too. There’s a reason the re-release models don’t command anywhere near the price of the original ones.

    Full Member

    I had one back in the day and can confirm it was very easy to bend the handlebars when doing jumps of probably no more than 6inches I height in reality. Always wanted the grifter.

    Full Member

    I blame having a Tomahawk for my inability to ride a bike until I was about eight…

    Free Member

    As said, the Grifter was the true bike for budding off-roaders.

    Full Member

    I never had any of the above. I had a Commando. For some reason I was always envious of my mate with his gloss black and hologram graphic grifter.

    EDIT – just googled, don’t know why, the Grifter looks shite now, having said that the Commando looks more shite.

    Full Member

    I had a Tomahawk and it was dreadful. Rode it for miles and miles though before it fell apart and I got a better bike (Dawes Jaguar).

    I really wanted a Grifter or a Bomber. Didn’t get either, which was probably a blessing.

    Slightly shocked that my huge 29″ Cannondale Trigger full susser is only 75% the weight of the Chopper. The nostalgia is going to wear off as soon as you try and pedal it up a hill, and will wash off completely when you try and control it coming back down.

    Perhaps it should stay in the 1970s along with Shawaddywaddy, Spangles and white dog turds.

    Full Member

    I do wish Raleigh would move on from their desperate “look, we were really cool on the 70’s” throwback stuff and actually concentrate on making some half decent bikes.

    They make a rather good range of ebikes, which aren’t too expensive and sell very well. You may have missed them because they aren’t MTBs or gravel or whatever, just normal bikes. (That sounds judgemental – it’s not meant to be, but I think that Raleigh are quietly doing a decent job at the moment.)


    Full Member

    Definitely interested in a Grifter relaunch!

    Choppers were awful to ride, lovely to look at.

    Full Member

    Its a no from me, pointless bike. As above though, they’ll sell them all though….

    Free Member

    Reverse mullit ..I cant see it taking off to be fair .

    Full Member

    Soon to be seen adorning air cooled VW campers on hard shoulders and AA recovery trucks across the land!

    Full Member

    I remember riding the Red Bull 24 hour around 2000 and one brave soul rode a sighting lap on a Chopper!

    Full Member

    My Tomahawk was the cause of my first broken bone (in my left hand) as it wheelied up and I couldn’t stop it.

    I went from that to a bright orange Mk.1 Chopper and absolutely loved it. All my mates were envious and it kept me going for years, even had one of those cable speedos running off the front wheel. It was an absolute death trap, seeing how fast you were going while trying to steer it.
    Then the handlebars snapped at the clamp (that was a little painful) and it got replaced with a Sun GT10XL 10 speed racer, in metallic blue. I went everywhere for years on that racer, from school to mates houses and onto the new experience of visiting girlfriends and it never put a foot wrong. Then some scumbag stole it 🙁

    Didn’t seem to matter at the time as I had discovered girls instead and they kept me occupied for a while. 🙂

    Full Member

    Iconic, and dreadful. Surely no-one can want a Chopper in 2023 other than for nostalgia reasons? (Says the man with a ZX Spectrum on his desk.)

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