Monte Cosby: Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop

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Patagonia has launched a new film documenting the life of Monte Cosby who found a passion and community through mountain biking. Give yourself 20 minutes of time out and inspiration and give it a watch.

PHOTO CREDIT: ©Joey Schusler

As a high schooler in the public housing projects of Richmond, Virginia’s East End, Monte Cosby felt his future was limited—until mountain bikes offered him a different route forward.

“Biking was probably the hardest thing to get myself into.” says Monte. “I might hate it when I start, but I love it when I finish.”

PHOTO CREDIT: ©Joey Schusler

In the years since, the bike has served as the bridge between two different worlds, and a vehicle to overcome the struggles along the way. Since then, Monte has used his passion to inspire others in his community.

PHOTO CREDIT: ©Joey Schusler

“I want to lead those expeditions. I want to provide that to those that don’t have accessibility,” says Monte. “Making these places feel safe, especially for black people, that’s my goal.”

Monte is a film about finding purpose through sports – and sharing it with others. 

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  • Monte Cosby: Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop
  • gazzab1955
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    Good film, well worth a watch.

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    Totally agree – shows what can happen if people get opportunity.

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