Fresh Goods Friday 633 – the no deep thoughts edition

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It may come as a surprise, but today is Friday! Yay! The last Friday of 2022. Where did that year go? It’s probably time to sit back and reflect on the achievements of the year, think about what you want to do differently next year, set goals, have deep thoughts. Or, you could just read on, and enjoy some Fresh Goods Friday. Yeah, let’s do that instead. Personal growth be damned.

Punk for you to wake you up.

Deuter Trans Alpine 28 Pack

  • Price: £175.00
  • From: Deuter

A pack suitable for mountain bike guides or riders that like to be prepared for all eventualities. There’s a huge selection of zipped storage pockets, from the hip straps and through each level of the bag. It started to rain so Amanda did half a job of shooting this and let Hannah go back inside, which is why we’ve included a stock image from the Deuter website. Normal service will resume in the new year!

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Surly Sunrise Handlebar

surly sunrise bar

Charlie says… Clearly a bar quite unlike all the other bars, so what is it for? This bar does several jobs. With a whopping 83mm rise, relaxed 14.7 degree back sweep and a casual 6.7 degree up sweep it will turn your old head down arse up XC bike into a sit up cruiser. The sort of bike that is great for whizzing round to a mates house and asking if he wants to come out and play. Constructed from stout 4130 chromoly tubes it will also fundamentally stick two fingers up at anything made of carbon.

The clamp area is 22.2mm which is the standard for BMX stems, however shims are included for more normal 31.8mm stems. Width is 820mm.

The intended purpose for this actual bar is to turn an old Surly Karate Monkey into a big boy 29er BMX for hacking to work on, and doing wheelies in front of girls down the park, obviously.

Endura XMAS 4.0 Jersey – Limited Edition Christmas Jersey

Unfortunately these arrived after Christmas, so we have no festive bike ride photos in them. A great design on the lightweight enduro style jerseys. The cut isn’t baggy, yet accommodates slim line padding. Available in men’s and women’s.

OEX Vallo Air 28 Rucksack

  • Price: £90.00 £45.00 with member card
  • From: Go Outdoors

I (Amanda) have been looking for a backpack to commute with, and my list of must have features reached a point where I didn’t think I’d find one. Easy access pocket that fits a large modern mobile, secure chest and waist straps, rain cover, highly breathable, quick access stash pocket, expandable capacity, straps to clip lights on, enough space for a laptop, also works for running… I’m sure there are many cycling branded packs that fit this description, but this one is red and it was cheap.

XTR Brakes

Benji isn’t here this week to gush over the technical reasons for choosing these brakes, so let’s be honest – he’s chosen them because he likes the way they look. A frequent occurrence at STW is Benji writing a grouptest based on performance, then hovering over Amanda’s shoulder as she takes photos, asking ‘which look the best though?’. Fortunately for him, these are high performing, adjustable on-the-go, durable choice.

Crank Brothers Icon MTB Socks

Not just colourful socks – these are extremely comfortable colourful socks. They feature a compression fit, performance ribbing, enhanced ventilation and a reduced friction profile. Thick ones are currently on Hannah’s feet, competing for a place as her new favourite socks.

Merrell Trail Glove 6

There’s a lot of running equipment appearing in Fresh Goods Friday these days, but don’t worry, we’re not going to create a running channel. We just support multisport activities amongst staff. These shoes are designed to allow your toes/feet to spread out as they would when you’re barefoot. This is not something all runners like, but Amanda is quite a caveperson when it comes to footwear. (If not cycling, she’s mostly barefoot).

Tailfin Carbon AeroPack With Pannier Mounts

  • Price: £529.00 (Includes 2x10l pannier, Axle, QR dropouts)
  • From: Tailfin

I (Amanda) recently reviewed the Tailfin Alloy AeroPack, and my partner Rhys simply couldn’t cope without his own. So he bought one and ticked all the additional option boxes – pannier mounts and 10litre panniers.

Jogo Coffee Straw

  • Price: $24.95
  • From: Jogo

Inspired by Yerba Mate straws, this is a straw for drinking coffee. Add your coffee straight to your mug, let it brew, then use the Jogo Straw to suck up your freshly brewed coffee. In theory this means you don’t need any brewing paraphernalia – just your cup, Jogo, stove and kettle. Bike packing coffee potential, maybe? You might feel a little foolish looking using it, so perhaps you’d best head out somewhere really remote and wild to use it? Hannah has discovered that the silicone sipper might stop you burning your lips on the metal straw, but it doesn’t stop you burning your mouth on the coffee. Doh!

Opinel Saw 18

This is Hannah’s Christmas present from her beloved. Nothing says love like a folding saw. Every time Hannah grips the handle of this 18cm chopper to tackle a fallen branch she will be able to think of her betrothed. Varnished wood and carbon steel blade, for cutting branches less than 10cm in diameter.


Huh? What’s this then? This week, we’ve swapped Thread Of The Week to Heart Warming Thread Contributor Of The Week. MrOvershoot has been spreading joy and happiness wherever he goes. He’s derailed the Christmas Moan thread with happy news, given hope in the Dating Rules thread, and is basically sprinkling joy wherever he goes. After some tough times, we’re happy he’s happy, and hope it continues. Singletrack: come for the bikes, stay for the life events.

Usually the winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize, and the HWTCOTW is no different. So whoop to MrOvershoot and drop us an email to claim your majestic Singletrack x Granite Designs RockBand Strap that is to be awarded. Please email and include your postal address, as it really speeds up delivery times.

That’s it! Tomorrow is a big day – the last day of 2022, but more importantly it’s the day we draw the Megasack winner! See you back here in 2023 for more fresh goodness.

While you’re here…

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 633 – the no deep thoughts edition
  • slimshady
    Free Member

    Whoa Hannah, for a second I thought you were drinking mate!

    Best wishes from Argentina for the whole Singletrack crew!!!

    Full Member

    So much innuendo this week…

    Full Member

    @slimshady I don’t think I’m freeride or Hebden Bridge enough for yerba mate!

    There is? Where?!

    Full Member

    The innuendo juices flow so naturally that we often don’t realise we’ve left a trail.

    Too much?

    Full Member

    A rack… a rack.. for…. HOW MUCH!? now I’ve seen everything 😆 😆 😆

    Full Member

    You’d need to be Finbar Saunders to think there was a lot of innuendo.

    Although you did say “chopper” fnar, fnar…

    Full Member

    White socks? Really! Only good for tarmac on a summer’s day. Would be ruined in 5 minutes on the current mudfest trails in Dorset.

    More innuendo please, it has brightened up a dull grey very rainy day.

    Full Member

    Preferring the OEX backpack over the HUGE-looking Deuter suitcase with straps.

    What a full FGF you’ve blessed us with for the end of 2022!

    Those Surly bars…tasty. If only I hadn’t given away all my old bike junk I’d have all the other pieces. Even gave away my Crow Bars – too scary for today!

    Innuendo? I’ll have to re-read.

    Catch you at 18:00 GMT. And happy new year when it comes.

    Full Member

    Too much?

    just the right amount, id say. subtlety is key.

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