Fresh Goods Friday 625: Oh, that’s actually quite reasonable edition

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Everyone sitting bored at home and wondering what to do with themselves this weekend? Kids getting antsy cooped up? Adults getting antsy looking at their bank statements? Let me present to you the all in one money-saving-exercise-getting-treasure-hunting-charity-supporting solution.

Hey kids, we’re going on an outing, get your shoes on. We’re going charity shopping! One decent walk (or bike ride) into town and a couple of hours later, and you can return home having had some exercise and deserving of a bit of a sit down with a movie. And what choice you will have. It’s fun to flick through the shelves and go ‘Oooh! Flight of the Conchords!’. Grab a box set of something that’s only streaming on a service you don’t subscribe to. Pick out something random to make up the fourth in a 4 for a £1 deal. If you’ve not been in a charity shop of late, it may have escaped your attention that DVDs vary in price between £1 for a single DVD, to 5 for a £1. Box sets are two or three quid. This haul before you came to £12 (HOW MUCH?!) and all of it going to charidee. Once we’re sick of watching them, we can take them back to the charity shop if we want the space in the house.

Doesn’t that sound great? Now you can cancel all those multiple streaming services, saving you enough cash to turn the heating on, or perhaps buy something from whatever is below. Onwards to Fresh Goods Friday…

This gets… er, quite wild toward the end

Jamis Faultline A2

We have a bike test coming up based around bikes that are a bit more affordable. The nominal theme is ‘Sub £2k Full Sussers’. We’ve got one bike in already that’s technically under embargo for another month or so (oooh.. much excite etc) and we have another on the way (not saying what the bike is in case it tempts fate) and we have this Jamis Dakar A2.

£1,800 (or £1,600 if you’re prepared to sell your soul and join as a Go Outdoors member). 120mm rear travel, 130mm fork, 29er. And sure, there are some obvious compromises here. The seat angle looks a bit retro. The rotors are those ‘resin pads only’ ones. But in general, colour us impressed. Especially with the colour. Looks a bit paler than it is in these pics (blame Panasonic). Kudos for that excellent chunky head bage too. It is gert lush, as they say… somewhere.

Singletrack Corkscrew Pom Pom Hat

Checkout the new Singletrack Hyper Localised Personal Insulation System. Perfect, for now is the winter of disco-tents and/or discontent. You choose.

Our new Singletrack Pom Pom hat is super snug and warm. It has a chunky cable knit construction and a cuddly fleecy headband. If we asked scientists, they might tell us that the deep headband helps prevent winter seeping into your ears, and therefore reduces the possibility of winter infecting your brain with chilly negative vibes.

One is ‘Cherry Sorbet’, a colourful reminder of what you might have as a post ride dessert if it wasn’t so damned cold out. The other colour is ‘Electric Lime’, because everything is electric now: bikes, dropper posts, mechs and even power meter pedals!

LEJOG Off-road Guidebook

Inspirational reading for jaundiced (literally) office life

What’s stopping you? It’s only 1,250 miles of doing what you love. Isn’t it time for a career break? Or maybe do it in weekend chunks. This is grade A bucket list stuff.

‘LEJOG Off-Road’ features most of the best mountain bike areas found in the UK. Some of the many highlights include; Dartmoor, Exmoor, the Quantocks, the Mendips, the Black Mountains, the Long Mynd, The Cambrian Mountains, Forest of Bowland, the Yorkshire Dales, the North Pennines, the Scottish Borders and the Highlands. There are also seven trail centres encountered en route; Cardinham Woods (Cornwall), Ashton Court (Bristol), Hopton Woods & Eastridge Woods (both Shropshire), Llandegla (North Wales), Newcastleton and Innerleithen (both 7 Stanes in the Scottish Borders).

It includes lists of on route campsites, hostels, bike shops, cafes and railway stations. That is pretty handy. And there is a link to the GPX files too.

SOLO: What running across mountains taught me about life – Jenny Tough

  • Price: £12.73 hardcover, £8.99 Kindle
  • From: Amazon

Amanda bought a book. Chapter names include:

  • Too Close to the Edge – details of my 25-day run across Kyrgyzstan
  • Running Sucks – a history of my bumpy start into running
  • I Don’t Believe it Myself – achieving my goal to run across Kyrgyzstan
  • Running Home – my 930-km journey across the Canadian Rockies

A journey to run solo and unsupported across a mountain range on every continent. “I wanted to write this book to encourage and demonstrate that everyone is capable of big things, and we’re all so much tougher than we think we are.

Juice Lubes Stuff & Things

  • Price: from £5.99 up to £29.99 (for the tubeless valves, in case you’re wondering)
  • From: Juice Lubes

A Tardis-like cardboard box arrived earlier this week. Not that big but impressively heavy. Inside was a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of stuff from Juice Lubes. Chain lubes, tyre sealant, tubeless valves, carbon assembly paste, aluminium anti-seize, general grease, hand cleaner, maintenance spray, frame polish, chain cleaner, fork lube, degreaser, disc brake cleaner, sponge, cloth, bike cleaner, brushes, chain cleaner and stickers. Plenty of stickers. Should keep the Singletrack Office Workshop Crew happy for a while (especially the stickers).

Panda Optics Conquer Sunglasses

Widescreen fronts with really quite narrow arms following behind. Worth a look (ha!) ifyou want hewge lens but only have a dinky melon to attach them to. Based on Panda Optics’ ski goggles apparently. With a semi-rimless frame and cylindrical lens. Three lenses included (Mirrored red category 3, Amber category 2, Clear category 0).

Race Face Turbine Cranks

Race Face have been making cranks with Turbine written on them since 1993. That’s quite a long time. The new Turbines offer narrower Q-Factor, an updated preload collar, Cinch ring mount. Lifetime Warranty. Cranks come with pedal washers and spindle spacers (chainring and BB shown here available separately).

Etnies Camber CL MTB

If Dennis The Menace mountain biked (pretty sure he just rides BMX). Formula G rubber with clipless pedal specific tread pattern. Foam midsole. Nylon pedal shank. Pro Foam 1 PU footbed. Exo-Shield upper. Adjustable Power Strap. Lace Lock. Lace Guard asymmetric lacing. Nylon pull loop on heel and tongue. System Flo2 Compression Tongue. Anti-debris sock thing.

Etnies Semenuk Pro MTB

Designed by Brandon Semenuk himself apparently. Cobblers, you might say (boom tish!) Tread pattern designed for ‘multi-placement pedals’. Force Shield reinforced upper. A ‘hot-melted quarter panel’ with repel treated upper that blocks moisture. Thinsulate lining and tongue gussets that shields moisture, dirt, and pebbles. Ankle Shield protects your inner ankle from clonks. Lace pocket on top of tongue and Pro Foam 1 molded PU footbed.

Jamis Dakar A2

Another Jamis. This is the Dakar A2. 120mm front and rear travel full suss with 27.5in wheels. It costs £1,500 or £1,300, depending on if you have a Go Outdoors card in your wallet/purse.

Now then. A shortish travel full suspension mountain bike with 27.5in has something of a limited appeal these days. So I scratched my receding hairline and thought about who is a good target for this bike. And basically ‘small people’ was my answer. So we’ve got this super cute XS size one in. Small adults and standard-size children, form a line!

Charlie says: I have added a tune after midnight cos it sounds like I feel when riding track. I can’t take it.

Thread Of The Week

This week’s winner is technically from 10 months ago admittedly but Pigface‘s buffet bonanza keeps on giving. Which is kinda appropriate if you think about it.

Every week the winning TOTW in FGF gets a prize. And it’s now the fabulous majestic Singletrack x Granite Designs RockBand Strap that is to be awarded.

Hola Pigface! Please email Please include your postal address, as it’ll really speed up despatch.

Classifieds Ad Of The Week

  • Price: £550.00 (“price is a guide only”)
  • From: Classifieds

“Fully working and fully serviced. New rail in 2020. I can remove it or buyer can remove to ensure familiarity. You will be very lucky if it fits your location but if you’re a bit handy it could be modified or just buy a new rail – complete stairlifts are ridiculously expensive! Collection from Chesterfield. Please buy it someone to prevent the monorail idea in my head becoming reality!”

Autumn = Walkertime!

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 625: Oh, that’s actually quite reasonable edition
  • weeksy
    Full Member

    Reasonable £120 shoes…. nah…

    The Jamis looks decent value though yes.

    Full Member

    Good lord that seat angle on the Faultline… 😲

    The geo chart says it’s 74.5 degrees, and it shows being measured from the BB to the top of the seat tube. Measured to the actual saddle it must be close to 70 degrees.

    Full Member

    Free Member

    Why would owning a Go Outdoors discount card be selling my soul? Letting the kids tear around the tent showroom is worth the £5 membership alone.

    Full Member


    how did you put the protractor on the picture? I’m always curious about my actual bike angles, rather than the stated angles. Especially after its had a longer fork, ofseat bushing, saddle slammed forward, non standard tyre size…

    Full Member

    As you can imagine, it’s not foolproof or super accurate but it is helpful sometimes.

    Full Member

    @tall_martin, not answering the above exactly, but I use a device like this for measuring up my bike angles:

    Full Member

    I was going to ask how on earth you found that first video, but I guess now we all know what Mark gets up to at the weekend.

    That Solo book is on my Xmas list, looks good.

    Full Member

    that Jamis has another 15% off with a voucher code on the website.- the reality is that it’s on sale for 1340. Can’t say there’s much around that’ll compete with it at that price.

    Odd comment about the Go Outdoors card. Great value for a nominal fee and they don’t seem to be huge information collectors. I’d recommend everyone has one really.

    Full Member

    is £67 for a not particularly flashy looking chainring normal now?

    Full Member

    The charity shop DVD idea is a good one. I will try that. New thread alert, “Charity shop DVD – what have you bought?”

    Free Member

    is £67 for a not particularly flashy looking chainring normal now?

    I bloody hope not, current raceface 12 speed chainrings are £30.

    Free Member

    @a11y @tall_martin , theres an app for that. On iPhone it’s preinstalled, seach your phone for “Level”, it’s a function within the “Measure” app. I imagine there’s something similar on Android.

    Full Member

    @johncoventry It could become like football/baseball cards. I’ve got series 3 of The Wire – really need to find 1 and 2 now! Still looking for Running on Empty, Dark Days, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent/Bogus Adventure.

    Full Member

    Loved that first vid with the drummer 😂

    Full Member

    You know you can do the charity DVD shop the lazy way now!
    Other charity shops are available…

    Full Member

    Angles, for most windows users… just use Snippet Tool to screen grab, and then use the pen, ruler, protractor and rotate tools to markup/look

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