National XCC and XCO Championships at Kirroughtree race report

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What a weekend! The National Champs at Kirroughtree was an absolutely stunning way to finish the National XC season.

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  • National XCC and XCO Championships at Kirroughtree race report
  • 2tyred
    Full Member

    Tremendous write up, thank you!

    The local crew put a ridiculous amount of work into the event and were stoked to see such brilliant racing, featuring both world and European champion jerseys, in their beautiful wee forest.

    And the midgies weren’t even that bad!

    Free Member

    A shame British Cycling couldn’t provide better coverage of this; MTB is still down the pecking order.

    Full Member

    Well down. And BC only care about Juniors and Elite results. It’s a constant discussion on the XC scene. So frustrating. A small group of people try and do their best to improve coverage but BC don’t seem to appreciate even that. At least I can write lengthy reports for Singletrack.

    Free Member

    If there were XCC races on more it’d be really popular I reckon. I’d definitely be up for them1

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