Issue 143 Bonus Content! Classic Ride Fuel – Flapjack Recipe

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Since Barney made such a fuss over Rick’s flapjack (OOOAAAH), we asked Rick to share the recipe, so you can have your own chorus of angels on your next ride (OOOAAAH). If you haven’t read the Classic Ride from issue 143 yet, make that ‘step one’ of the flapjack-making process. The flapjack pairs wonderfully with this mountain bike ride. Over to Rick: It’s my mate Waley’s flapjack recipe. He’s one of the lads I go winter climbing with in Scotland, and he sometimes brings a batch of his flapjacks for sharing on the hill. They are superb and are always...

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  • Issue 143 Bonus Content! Classic Ride Fuel – Flapjack Recipe
  • TheGhost
    Full Member

    The flapjack from the Tower cafe on the top of Leith Hill is the undisputed king of flapjacks. Everytime we ride there we all look forward to it.

    I like the addition of coconut in the recipe above though, so I’ll give it a try 🙂

    Full Member

    Off to make flapjack now. Nom nom.

    Plus love how the recipe is in ounces. Always use that when baking as that’s how my gran taught me. Plus easy to remember a sponge recipe; equal qty of flour, butter and sugar in ounces, then half the number of eggs. So 6 ounces of each dry ingredient and 3 eggs.

    Also annoys my wife using ounces, so bonus points 😈

    Full Member

    So 6 ounces of each dry ingredient and 3 eggs.

    You mean to say you don’t weigh your eggs!?

    Full Member

    Hey Siri, what is 8oz in grams?

    Full Member

    Here’s the finished article. Added some peanut butter and also some raisins. Oh also swapped the butter for vegan spread and coconut oil.

    Should have reduced the fat content by the amount of peanut butter I added as it fell apart in the middle a bit. Tasted nice mind.


    Full Member

    So what’s the secret to baking flapjack?
    I follow the recipe (not this one yet, admittedly) to the letter but when it comes out of the oven and cools it’s so hard I could use it to replace slabs on the patio.

    I’m generally a reasonable cook, can bake a decent cake, cheese scones, biscuits of various styles but can’t get flapjack to come out edible for the life of me.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Full Member

    One of 3 things….

    1. Too hot in the oven so your sugar turns solid
    2. Too long in the oven, same result as above.
    3. Too much sugar/not enough fat. Same result as above.

    Full Member

    Cheers jeffl that’s given me something to think about. I might have to experiment with this recipe.

    Full Member

    Weights in lbs & ounces, temps in centigrade and dimensions in centimetres.

    Yup, UK in a nutshell.

    I’m 49 years old, I have no clue what an ounce represents other than my mother measuring “sense” in it.

    Full Member

    Made these today. Added sesame seeds and crystallised ginger.

    Had to adjust the temps and cooking time, took 30 mins at 160 fan oven. At 25 min it was still very wobbly in the centre.

    Taste great though & the girls here all seem to love them.

    Don’t know how you manage to get 36 out of the mix though, 24 is about right.

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