Issue 143 Classic Ride – Scar House Loop, Nidderdale

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A truly Classic day out with big views, plenty of miles, and legendary Scotch eggs. Words & Photography Barney Marsh The Yorkshire Dales have been, of course, extensively covered in the Singletrack Worlds of yore, but Nidderdale has largely been left off the list. Sure, there are mentions here and there, but, for the most part, dropping Nidderdale into the deep black pool of Singletrackian knowledge yields only the barest ripple – followed perhaps by a slight sigh.  Why could this be? Perhaps it’s insufficiently northern sounding, compared to Garsdale, or the magnificently Yorkshire Skegdale? Perhaps, to some ears, the name sounds fairly ridiculous when compared to the infinitely more macho ‘Swaledale’, or the presumably ’80s hard rock obsessed ‘Coverdale’? Nidderdale is so named as a dale (or valley, etymology fans) of the River Nidd. Wikipedia (yes, I’ve researched this article extensively) suggests that Nidd is actually likely a Celtic word for ‘shiny’. It’s also home to Stif, a damn fine bike shop in Summerbridge – not to mention its sister company, Jungle, which imports a couple of brands you might have heard of… Whither Nidd But where’s best to go? I spoke to Al Atkinson from Stif, who offered Adam Nolan to be our guide. All sorts of insinuations as to Adam’s physical prowess were given, enough make me slightly nervous. I was busy thinking of the usual excuses as to why I’d be slow: heavier bike, heavier camera gear, post-cold lungs the size of hamsters’ (place the apostrophe...

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  • Issue 143 Classic Ride – Scar House Loop, Nidderdale
  • Premier Icon jordan
    Full Member

    Practicaly on my doorstep but never ridden there to my shame. Always planned to do a route over the hill from Coverdale but never got round to it.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain
    Full Member

    If you do Jordan, do the bit by the caravan park, lead mines and through to Greenhow Hill the other way round.

    Premier Icon whatyadoin sucka
    Free Member

    rode it a few years ago, the descent to scarhouse was fun, but alot was just rubble track, nothing exciting,
    popped over to horsehouse, which was meant to be a good sidetrip, it had been sanitised.

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