Race Face Aeffect R

Race Face Aeffect R flat pedal goes bigly

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At a whopping 110 x 115mm the new Race Face Aeffect R flatties are 25% larger than the regular Aeffect. Ten pins per side. Six colour choices.

Race Face Aeffect R

There are certain types of rider (and I’m one of them) who are always on the lookout for new flat pedals, even if they’re perfectly happy with their current ones.

Race Face have been making proper flatties for longer than most, so their name is always one ot check out if you’re a flat pedal obsessive. We’ve had a pair of their Atlas flats for a couple of weeks now (see Fresh Goods 596 for deets) and they’ve impressed with their grip and scar(r)ed us with their pins so far.


Anything bearing the borderline unpronouncable ‘Aeffect’ moniker from Race Face essentially denotes stuff that is a bit cheaper than their other tiers. Though the $129.99/€129 pricing (no UK as yet) is hardly throwaway money.

This new Aeffect R doesn’t appear to be replacing the current Aeffect pedal. The Aeffect R is essentially the bigger version (110 x 115mm vs 108 x 108mm). This makes ther Aeffect R approximately 25% larger than the regular Aeffect.

Other than that, it’s a similar design overall. Ten top-loading pins per side. 6000 series forged aluminum body. Cro-mo axle. The usual bearing and bushing set-up (none of the bulging axle business seen on the Race Face Atlas pedals for example).

Claimed weight of 440g.

15.5mm thick/thin

At 15.5mm they’re on the thinner side of the flat pedal spectrum. Although it’s hard to tell from just going off photographs, they don’t appear to offer much in the way of concavity. Although you could potentially play with pin height to achieve a degree of effective concavity. Still, there are definitely some foot-shuffling riders out there who prefer a less-concave pedal. Choice is good.

Speaking of choice, the Race Face Aeffect R pedals come in six colours: black, red, orange, green, blue and… purple.

Anyhoo, we’ll try and get hold of a pair for our flat pedal group test this year.

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  • Race Face Aeffect R flat pedal goes bigly
  • konabikeshopuk
    Free Member

    All excited for as second there, as it’s nice to have a sidestep to something like a large flat like a Wah Wah, comp or ally. But then read ‘top loading pins’

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