#NewTyreDay: Specialized Cannibal rubbers revealed

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The Buttery Brothers (explanation below), Loic Bruni and Finn Iles, have been riding this new Specialized Cannibal gravity tyre. Looks like it means business.

Specialized Cannibal nutshelled:

  • Large centre knobs
  • Wide braking edges cut in for maximum deceleration
  • High volume casing
  • Staggered shoulder blocks designed for predictable high-speed cornering
  • Gripton T9 compound
  • Grid Gravity 2-ply casing construction
  • 2Bliss
  • £TBC but approx £55

Press Release:

The world’s fastest riders are always hungry for more traction. So we teamed up with Loïc Bruni, Finn Iles and Chris Grice from the Specialized Gravity team to develop a mountain bike tyre to tame World Cup Downhill Tracks. Together we cooked up something that will satisfy even the most aggressive appetites. The Cannibal tread pattern has been completely redeveloped, integrating our super sticky GRIPTON T9 compound with a high volume casing that brings superior control to any terrain.

Ride it Or Eat It

Devour the track with unmatched grip, confidence, and control.

The Cannibal tread pattern has been completely redeveloped, integrating our super sticky GRIPTON T9 compound with a high volume casing that brings superior control to any terrain. Staggered shoulder blocks maximize cornering stability and large centre braking blocks bite aggressively into the ground. Engineered to the design specifications of our riders, the Cannibal balances weight and durability with GRID Gravity Casing for Enduro, Downhill and Park riding. The Cannibal delivers the unbeatable combination of grip, confidence and control to devour any track.


Buttery smooth

Specialized is also launching a Limited Edition kit in conjunction with Loic Bruni.

Introducing… the Butter Collection.

Press Release:


Four-time world champion, Loïc Bruni, doesn’t just win races—he wins them in style. Ever wonder what’s on his ingredients list for the track? We’ve prepped a race-day kit with The Buttery Smooth Taste of Speed. Loïc will debut the Gravity Butter Collection at the Fort William World Cup on 20th May.

Butter Gravity Pants (SRP £120)

The best recipe for pant design? Combining laser-perforated ventilation and high-abrasion resistance knee patches with an adjustable waist and tapered legs. Chef’s kiss

Butter Trail Long Sleeve Jersey (SRP £55)

The unique front sleeve design promotes ventilation in key heat zones. The crew neck collar is casual, comfortable, and buttery-soft.

Fast Made Faster with Leading Ventilation, Movement, and Durability…


Key heat zones are laser perforated to keep you cool and riding longer.


Semi-form fitting elastane provides ultimate stretch articulation so you can stay agile.


High-abrasion resistance support in the knees equips you to ride with confidence.

Do you even spread bro?
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  • #NewTyreDay: Specialized Cannibal rubbers revealed
  • Premier Icon Auer Westinson
    Free Member

    They sure do know how to name their tyres stupid.
    Slaughter, butcher, cannibal, murder, blood bath? Who comes up with these?

    The only ones I can use are Ground controls.

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    They are daft names. I think it runs back to Sam Hill in some way? The Butcher and Hillbilly were both signature tyres for him, Hillbilly’s obvious but I don’t know where Slaughter came from.

    Premier Icon pmurden
    Full Member

    It looks a lot like the Purgatory no?

    Premier Icon LongboardSi
    Free Member

    Specialized like to recycle their names – they had a cannibal back in the early nineties, so whatever you think of the choice, it kind of has heritage

    Premier Icon rickon
    Free Member

    DHR II x DHF anyone? L shaped side knobs, oblong center siped knobs. With the Rubber Queen’s asymetrical staggering of the side knobs – which is a bad idea, it means they don’t hook up predictably when leant over.

    Swing and a miss for me.

    Premier Icon Blast
    Free Member

    Loic and Finn have big off’s !!!!

    Premier Icon Chipps
    Full Member

    There’s old school heritage in the name, @Auer Westinson – the Cannibal was a tyre Spesh did in the mid-1990s…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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