Fort William Downhill Track Walk – Brake by Brake, Turn by Turn

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George Thompson and Jack Reading take a close look at the Fort William Downhill World Cup track. It’ll give you some incredible insight into just how well the pros know the track, and the decision making process they go through picking and learning their lines.

Fort William DH World Cup 2022 Trac...
Fort William DH World Cup 2022 Track Walk

Join them as they walk – in the wind, carefully down the steep rocks – the length of the track, chatting over the key points. We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a track walk quite like this. And we’re pretty sure you’ll be amazed at the level of knowledge and homework that goes into riding the track. All that gym work, all that training and bike skills, all the bike set up and kit… and a huge amount of thought and preparation on top. The effort is not just physical.

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In other Fort William news, George has spotted Rachel Atherton on her bike in full race kit. She’s said she’s not racing because she doesn’t think she’s strong enough to crash yet. But has the buzz of Fort Bill got to her? We’ll see this weekend whether she’s just having a roll down the track for practice.

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We’re also hearing that Amaury Pierron is riding a full 29er, and Benji thinks he’s spotted some new tyres. To ooh and ahh and speculate, head on over to the Fort William DH preview story!

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  • Fort William Downhill Track Walk – Brake by Brake, Turn by Turn
  • Premier Icon Fahzure Freeride
    Full Member

    That was really good. Thanks for going to all of those spots. Super helpful to @1fishonabike as she campaigns for the British National Championship in 2023.

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