Switchcraft Cycles: simple but not ordinary

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Switchcraft Cycles is Jakub Junek. Hailing from the Czech Republic and specialising in steel machines with really short back ends. 390mm chainstays anyone? #lovesbackwheel

NB: Czech with English subtitles

Jakub sent us in a few pics of his latest creations and we thought you ‘d like to see them. That’s it really. Who doesn’t love one-off bike creations?

The pics that landed in our inbox were of three bikes: Switchcraft’s second single pivot with 420mm chainstays, a dirt jumper with 29in wheels and super short 390mm chainstays, and finally a more or less ‘ordinary’ flat bar gravel bike.

Watch the video above (turn on the English subtitles) to hear how Jakub got started in framebuilding.

Switchcraft Cycles single pivot
29in dirtjumper
Flat bar gravelleur

Jakub: “I started without any background or experience. I had a vision of a bike that would resemble a BMX but with 29” wheels. Then I started to learn what I need to know to make bikes. I got a job as a welder to properly learn welding. Then step by step my builds got better.

“Before I decided to go with a single pivot I was looking for the simplest and most durable way to make a suspension.

“I took almost a half a year of drawing a frame, then two more months to build it. Since I like to jump a lot, I used the strongest tubing I could find.

“For the pivot I machined a BMX bottom bracket so it could fit massive 41mm bearings and 24mm axle from hardened steel.

“To keep the bike agile I used a yoke to fit the wheel closer to the BB. Final dimension is 420mm which is not bad for a 29er.

“Every bike I’ve built is different. I like them simple but not ordinary.”

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  • Switchcraft Cycles: simple but not ordinary
  • Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    That green/gold paint on the hybrid though. 👌

    Premier Icon Stu S
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    Bike porn. Let me find my credit card…..

    Premier Icon nickc
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    All 3 of those looks pretty cool

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